The WannaCrypt attack in May 2017 showed that cybersecurity has never been a more prominent issue for NHS organisations. Proving that this is more than just an issue for IT and a cyber-attack affects every level of patient care. To counter this NHS Digital introduced of Windows 10 Enterprise E5 for NHS which has raised questions on how this fits with an NHS organisation’s existing cybersecurity.

To discuss these topics and other cyber related themes, Trustmarque and Sophos hosted a roundtable event for our NHS customers in the South West of England. We bought together Security and IT managers from several NHS organisations across Devon and Cornwall. This not only gave them the opportunity to hear from Sophos’ UK Healthcare lead, Darryl Richardson, but also to meet up and find out about each other’s own situations.

Here is a summary of some of the key topics of conversation.

  • Microsoft ATP is the only mandated component following the NHS Digital E5 procurement and provides Post Breach analytics to individual organisations and NHS Digital (via the CSOC they are setting up).
  • Sophos Endpoint Protection (including Intercept X) can co-exist with ATP and provide Defence in Depth against a multitude of threats – including Ransomware and Advanced Exploits.
  • Synchronised Security can provide an automated response to threats by revoking network access for devices which are in an unhealthy state. Sophos XG is the only solution which allows you to configure firewall policies based on the health status of an Endpoint
Image for Sophos Healthcare Event

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Showing these topics

  • Overview of the typical Microsoft E5 Defender suite
  • Cyber Threat Lifecycle
  • Today’s threat landscape
  • How today’s threats particularly impact the NHS
  • Cyber solutions

If you’d like to find out more information and discuss your own organisation’s cybersecurity arrangements, then we can arrange a meeting either online or in person.

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