Why Cyber Security is crucial to digital transformation and the latest Check Point technologies designed to help you protect your perimeter

The way we do business has fundamentally changed in 2020. Transactions, communications and collaboration is increasingly taking place online. The rapid transition to home working, resulted in a mass migration to cloud-based applications to enable business continuity and remote connectivity.

As both business and IT infrastructure changes, the risks you are exposed to also changes. Accelerated digital transformation has resulted in new and amplified threats, and the security protections you put in place previously will likely not hold up against the pace of innovation from attackers.

James Holton, Cyber Security Practice Lead at Trustmarque, explains why security is central to digital transformation and safeguarding your investments. He comments: “The money you invest in your digital vision needs to be secured. Failing to protect yourself from security threats, is the fastest way to undo the progress in your digital strategy. It’s about damage control.

“You need to look at how digital transformation is changing your business, your operating model, the way you interact and transact. A lot of breaches come from a fundamental misunderstanding of what the risks look for your current business model and then failing to protect yourself adequately.”

While attackers are quick to tap into the opportunity, so are the vendors. Cyber Security specialists are constantly releasing new solutions to meet the ever-evolving digital threat as our workloads shift from edge to core to cloud.

In this article we put a spotlight on the latest innovations from one of our leading partners, Check Point for who Trustmarque recently became an accredited Check Point Collaborative Support Partner. For more information on Trustmarque’s Cyber Security Professional Services, visit our dedicated Cyber Security webpage.

The latest technologies protecting your perimeter from:

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CloudGuard – complete protection for your SaaS environments

In the rapid transition to remote working, many organisations were forced to adopt SaaS applications without due diligence. For example, Microsoft 365 has become the platform of choice for remote-based connectivity and productivity. However, it is possible to have malware within Microsoft 365, a risk intensified by the ability for third parties to plug into your tenants. It’s therefore crucial malware protection exists in M365 and other SaaS applications.  CloudGuard is a new cloud-based security app that protects your cloud environment.

CloudGuard gives you:

  • Comprehensive portfolio that protects all cloud services against even the most sophisticated Gen V threats
  • Securely enable any SaaS-based application
  • Single pane-of-glass management for heterogeneous SDN, IaaS and SaaS services
  • Security as dynamic and agile as your cloud

IOT Protect – defend your connected perimeter

In the IOT world, where everything is everywhere and all devices are connected, the traditional perimeter no longer exists. You need visibility of all devices used across your network and the inter-device relationships to deploy a multi-defense solution that protects the range of modern devices used by your employees. IoT Protect offers the widest range of cyber security solutions to protect IoT devices.

IoT Protect gives you:

  • Best threat prevention against the latest and most evasive IoT cyber attacks
  • IT and IoT consolidated into unified Infinity cyber security architecture
  • Choice of SMB/branch, enterprise-scale and ruggedized security gateway

Tight Integration with the industry leading IOT discovery engines (Armis, Medigate, Claroty, Ordr, Indegy (Tenable.ot), SCADAfence, Cynerio, CyberMDX and Nozomi)

SandBlast Mobile – Detect and stop device threats

Employees are increasingly using a mix of corporate and personal devices (BYOD) and mixing personal and work-based applications on those devices. SandBlast Mobile is a leading Mobile Threat Defense (MTD) solution, which provides complete threat detection and mitigation for all devices. It offers a more robust approach to device security than basic solutions like password authenticators, covering all types of access and attack.

SandBlast Mobile gives you:

  • Full visibility, the best mobile catch rate and simple deployment
  • Only Check Point provides a complete mobile security solution that protects devices from threats on the device (OS), in apps, in the network, and delivers the industry’s highest threat catch rate
  • Keeps business assets and sensitive data on devices safe from cyber attacks
  • By integrating with all market-leading EMM/UEM solutions, SandBlast Mobile adds a critical layer of security to these solutions by covering all vectors of attack

Protect yourself with Trustmarque and Check Point

As one of a select number of Check Point Collaborative Support Partners, with a highly-skilled internal Cyber Security team, Trustmarque is ideally placed to help you leverage these technologies to embrace the new world of digital transformation.

Determine your risk and protect your organisation with the support of our expert team. Talk to your Account Manager or book a Cyber Security Workshop today.

Trustmarque are a certified Check Point Service Provider

By Katherine Murphy, content enthusiast