The use of mobile devices is now the norm, and even government organisations are seeing sensitive citizen data moving outside the safety of the traditional on-premise security perimeter. Employees email documents to themselves, access data from personal smartphones and tablets and store data in the cloud.

It’s no wonder major personal data breaches are commonplace today, putting citizens at risk of identity theft and financial loss, and government organisations at risk of losing customer trust, as well as facing astronomical regulatory fines.

“23% of data breaches are due to unintended disclosure”

Accidental loss or theft is the one of the major causes of data breaches. With the GDPR deadline looming – data loss prevention needs to be a top priority for 2018.

How to get started
Full disk encryption is the most basic form of encryption and it’s widely recommended that all computers use it to protect data at rest. It will keep your data secure in the event that a device is lost or stolen.

With regards to mobile devices, organisations should look towards similar protection of data on all mobile devices, and in addition be able to remotely locate, wipe, or lock any misplaced device – mobile or not.

As many Government organisations still rely on legacy IT systems, they are typically vulnerable to attack. And no organisation is exempt: Read more: BBC – Lincolnshire County Council hit by £1m malware demand.

You can also boost your existing antivirus protection to provide advanced anti-malware, anti-exploit and anti-ransomware protection – keeping you safe from the latest malicious attacks.

Become compliant, protect your data and keep the hackers at bay
As a Sophos Platinum partner, Trustmarque helps government organisations adopt unrivalled data protection solutions that keep data and devices secure from today’s complex, sophisticated attacks, become more compliant with the GDPR and ultimately reduces the risk of a fine. In just a matter of minutes.

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This blog is the first of our 3-part series: 3 ways Sophos protects you against Cyber Attacks and helps with GDPR readiness.