The rise of DaaS and how Microsoft 356-powered Surface devices can empower remote workers 

2020 has been a tough year for almost all of us. And an especially tough year for business. For all the organisations that are thankfully weathering the Covid-19 storm, there are still ongoing challenges with keeping employees connected, productive and motivated.

Fast access to Cloud-based applications and particularly SaaS (software as a service) offered a lifeline in terms of enabling rapid connectivity for remote workers. Nobody could have predicted the exponential growth in Microsoft’s most popular SaaS application Microsoft Teams, hailed as a “lifesaver” by our own customers. Teams has helped organisations worldwide to keep the wheels turning and the lights on.

As we now shift into a prolonged period of remote and flexible working, as a service solutions have an even greater role to play.

With employees moving between home, office and on the go, they are increasingly looking for responsive, agile technology that gives them the same intuitive, powerful user experience whether they are on-premise and ‘plugged into the network’ or working remotely. However, SaaS only goes so far. It is unsurprising that high-powered software, works best with high-powered devices.

Enter the rise of DaaS (device as a service). Even before the Pandemic, Gartner was predicting the DaaS market to boom.  Their October 2019 Forecast Analysis: Desktop as a Service Worldwide, estimated a market rise of 58% compound growth by 2023.

Introducing Microsoft Surface as a Service

Surface is Microsoft’s market-leading portfolio of powerful, sleek and high-specification devices designed for the modern workplace. Surface models range from tablets and laptops to a full 28” creative studio – each packed with features including touchscreen technology, Dolby® Audio™ and HD cameras. Perfect for all those video meetings.

Microsoft Surface as a Service is the new, risk averse way of getting the latest Microsoft innovation in the hands of your employees, wherever they are. It allows you to purchase the latest Surface devices combined with tailored subscriptions including Microsoft 365, insurance and security, into a simple subscription fee.

How Surface as a Service supports remote working

Surface as a Service remote worker

Users are looking for a seamless experience, and for their software, applications and devices to work in harmony.  According to a Forrester Total Economic Impact™ Study Commissioned by Microsoft, 88% of users agree that Microsoft 365-powered Surface devices allow organisations to better support remote workers. Here’s why:

Fast deployment. Devices can be rapidly deployed to end-users with light to zero-touch involvement for your IT teams. Not only does this minimise contact and possible contamination, it also reduces the burden for IT teams.  Once deployed, IT teams also report less time for ongoing support.

Secure connectivity. Users gain undisrupted access to company data, resources and applications. More automation and standardisation ensures the same experience for everyone while giving IT teams greater control of security and governance for remote workers

Empowered productivity. Microsoft 365-powered Surface devices have been proven to help employees become more Productive.  Forrester research on behalf of Microsoft found that users saved 2 hours daily in terms of efficiency and productivity. This comes as various research suggests that remote workers are working longer hours than they were before the pandemic.

Keeping teams connected. At a time when many people are feeling increasingly isolated, it is becoming more important than ever to give employees the tools to connect. Microsoft 365-powered Surface devices allow for better collaboration, including: real-time communication, knowledge and document sharing and collaboration. They also enable more interactive and engaging meetings to increase participation.

Innovation unleashed. Free from technological constraints, and equipped with the best tools in the market, employees are empowered to be at their best.  Plus, who doesn’t like having a new “toy” to play with.

Better Together: The ROI of Microsoft 365 and Surface combined

For more key statistics on the benefits of using Microsoft 365-powered devices, including the return on investment, we have created a Surface ROI infographic.

Find out how Surface can drive efficiencies, improve productivity and reduce spend.

Surface as a Service ROI

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By Katherine Murphy, content enthusiast