Guest blogger Mark Treweeke (Head of Datacentre Solutions at Trustmarque) talks to us about what the future holds for datacentre and storage solutions:

1. ‘Acceleration of hybrid cloud, especially in the mid-market’

“What has happened over the last 18 months has hugely accelerated the need for digital transformation across both small and large organisations. Time to market is more important than ever and agility and rapid innovation can make the difference between success and failure. Most digital innovation has happened in the public cloud, and hybrid multi cloud is the future. It offers the flexibility to move data and/or applications between clouds, in order to take advantage of this organisations need the necessary innovation in place to accelerate their transformation. What we see in a typical environment, you’ll find a siloed on-premise infrastructure with separate systems and processes. Then when you look at public clouds, you see that each one is different, with inconsistent services and frameworks. Joining up these environments can be a difficult task.”

Mark adds: “We see that large organisations have a vast array of skills, a mature cloud strategy and have either completed their hybrid cloud journey or are well on their way. Midmarket companies have the same goals similar to larger ones but are behind by comparison and will have to look to drive forward with hybrid cloud initiatives. This will drive further demand for software-defined datacentres and hyper-converged infrastructures to build the foundations for hybrid cloud.”

2. Growth in edge datacentres

“A rise in internet of things (IoT) and smart devices like intelligent sensors is generating large amounts of data in edge locations; data that that typically needs to be processed in real-time. Data analytics technologies will begin to live outside of the traditional datacentre and cloud environments and are moving closer to the data, eliminating latency and increasing time to value.”

“Data created at the edge tends to stay at the edge but needs to be connected to the cloud, whether that is the corporate datacentre or public cloud, to take advantage of this innovation. With the advent of 5G networks we will see even more workloads evolve at the edge, driving a greater need to create ‘edge datacentres’ . These will further drive the need for hybrid cloud, connecting data to cloud services, whether that is at the edge, in the core or in the cloud.”

3. Analytics driven data management

“A typical organisation is seeing its data doubling in capacity every 2-3 years, and most of that growth is attributed to unstructured data. This growth in unstructured data, coupled with the rise in hybrid, multi cloud, means that organisations are having to deal with more dispersed data than ever before.”

“To manage this explosive data growth, help reduce cost and eliminate risk and exposure to data loss, we’ll see an increased need for analytics-driven data management. Traditional data management tools are typically siloed, in that they offer a simple view of a subset of unstructured data, perhaps limited by vendor or location and are limited in the insights that they give to where data exists, how it’s being used and by whom.”

“A new wave of analytics driven data management tools will allow organisations to move beyond just seeing what data exists and enable them to gain real insight into the data, classify it by adding metadata and perform advanced analysis enabling more informed purchasing decisions, forecasting future needs, provisioning data to the optimal storage platform and reducing risk and exposure.”

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by Mark Treweeke, Head of Datacentre Solutions at Trustmarque

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