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Android versions: A living history from 1.0 to today

Explore Android’s ongoing evolution with this visual timeline of versions, starting B.C. (before Cupcake) and going all the way to Oreo.

What a long, strange trip it’s been.

From its inaugural release to today, Android has transformed visually, conceptually and functionally — time and time again. Google’s mobile operating system may have started out scrappy, but holy moly, has it ever evolved.

Here’s a fast-paced tour of Android version highlights from the platform’s birth to present. Read on… 


2018 Malware Forecast: ransomware hits hard, continues to evolve

Sophos releases its 2018 Malware Forecast today, and the big takeaway is this: ransomware remains a huge problem for companies and isn’t going away. In 2017, attackers further perfected their ransomware delivery techniques, leading to global outbreaks such as WannaCry, NotPetya and, most recently, Bad Rabbit.

Though most ransomware is hitting Windows users, it’s clear that people aren’t immune if they use other platforms, including mobile devices.

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Protect your PC with Windows 10’s anti-ransomware tool

Enable the new anti-ransomware protection in Windows 10 Fall Creators Update to lower the odds of becoming a victim of the next ransomware attack.

Wait, the global ransomware epidemic is just getting started? Ransomware attacks such as WannaCry and Petya that lock down a computer and demand a ransom in order to unlock your files are getting smarter and more lucrative. Such attacks are expected to become more frequent and widespread.

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GDPR fines may affect almost 80% of US firms, poll shows

Most US companies risk fines for non-compliance with new European data protection laws that apply to all organisations processing any personal data of EU citizens

Most organisations with cloud infrastructure are unprepared to comply with the EU’s GDPR.

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Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock for the past six months, there are four letters creating a great deal of fear and confusion globally among both legal and IT professionals alike.

After a slow start with the GDPR, organizations are waking up to the financial risks of failure to comply in a race against the clock, as the deadline of May 25, 2018, looms.

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