We delve into the world of cybersecurity and give you the tools to strengthen your attack surface. 

Not a week goes by where a cyber-attack or ransomware hack doesn’t hit the news, with these attacks becoming more sophisticated and ever more ruthless. And it’s not just limited to corporates. Government agencies, food supply chains and hospitals have also been in the firing line in the last few years. In response to this, the US government have even gone as far as inviting hackers to join their ranks and help fight against cyber terrorism from other nations. At this year’s Black Hat cybersecurity conference US Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas said: “The Great Game is playing out in cyberspace right now.” 

Over on our side of the pond, in a bold move by the Ministry of Defence, 26 ethical hackers were invited to a Bug Bounty programme in collaboration with US-based organisation HackerOne. This one-month scheme aimed to identify and fix vulnerabilities in cyber systems to strengthen Defence’s security and to ensure better resilience. 

Obvisouly these canny manoeuvres are out of reach for most organisations, however there are other ways businesses like yours can improve your security posture more swiftly. So what can you do to make sure you’re as secure as you can be in this ever-evolving cyber world?

During the pandemic (according to a recent UK Government report) there have been notable increases in organisations like yours upping their cybersecurity ante by:  

  • taking out some form of cyber insurance (43% of businesses and 29% of charities) – this is up from 32 per cent for businesses in 2020 
  • undertaking cybersecurity risk assessments (34% and 32%) 
  • testing staff, such as through mock phishing exercises (20% and 14%) 
  • carrying out cybersecurity vulnerability audits (15% and 12%) 

How can you turn up the dial on your security and resilience today 

Three steps to cyber safety

We know that mailboxes are prime targets for attackers, and an effective channel for spreading malware, spam and phishing scams. The volume and sophistication of attacks are expected to increase, our partner Trend Micro believes organisations need to layer multiple security technologies to protect possible weaknesses in their email systems.

Introducing Trend Micro’s Security Assessment Service a quick and easy-to-run security assessment that provides a detailed view of threats found across segments of an organisation. It gives you greater visibility over your current email and endpoint security parameters and how your systems measure up to today’s threats. Once you initiate the assessment, the three steps to improve your cloud email and endpoint security below will take place:

  1. Your cloud mailboxes (Microsoft®️ Office 365™ and Gmail™) and endpoints (Windows®️ and Apple®️ macOS®️) are scanned to find any threats that may have evaded existing protections
  2. We provide a snapshot of your security posture in the form of a detailed report, so you can see how well you are protected against threats out there today
  3. You are invited to speak with a security expert at Trend Micro to learn more about the vulnerabilities in your security strategy and about new solutions that may help fill the gap 

For a limited time only, we are pleased to offer Trend Micro’s Security Assessment service free of charge.  


Cyber Security at Trustmarque

If you would like to find out how the Cyber Security Team can support your organisation you can visit our Cyber Security webpage talk to your Trustmarque Account Manager or email [email protected] You can also read more about our partnership with Trend Micro in the partner section of our website. 

Written by Julia Bluckert, content with content