Trustmarque is on a mission to help organisations tame the rapid growth of unstructured data as we become the first and only partner approved to install Dell EMC Elastic Cloud Storage (ECS) in the UK and Ireland.

Dell EMC ECS is an enterprise-grade object storage platform that allows organisations to flexibly capture, store, protect, and manage unstructured data at scale.  ECS can be used on its own or it can be partnered with Dell EMC Isilon, a scale-out network attached storage solution used by many Trustmarque customers.

Dell EMC ECS partner

Until now, only Dell engineers have been able to deploy ECS within the UKI. However, thanks to an ongoing strategic partnership with Dell Technologies, Trustmarque is proud to extend Dell EMC ECS alongside Dell EMC Isilon to its wider customer base in a move that will enable organisations to achieve more from their data and their broader digital transformation projects.

Two of Trustmarque’s Technical Service Architects completed bespoke ECS implementation training in August, making them the first accredited implementation engineers in the UK outside of Dell Technologies.

According to Dell Technologies, Trustmarque’s strong ability to provide strategic and consultative support to customers going through digital transformation was critical to the partnership and the certification.

The strenghtening of a ‘great partnership’

Charles Wilce, Senior Sales Director EMEA, Unstructured Data Solutions, Dell Technologies, commented: “I am delighted to announce that Trustmarque is to be the first UKI partner certified to deploy the Dell EMC Elastic Cloud Storage solution (ECS).  This significant investment clearly demonstrates a long-term commitment to a great partnership with Dell for unstructured data solutions.

“Alliances with consultative lead organisations such as Trustmarque are essential for the Dell EMC Unstructured Data Solutions business.”

Charles Wilce, Senior Sales Director EMEA, Unstructured Data Solutions, Dell Technologies

“Alliances with consultative lead organisations such as Trustmarque – that are highly skilled and who can support customers with their IT transformation journey – are essential for the Dell EMC Unstructured Data Solutions business. Together, we are now poised to jointly capitalise on a whole range of new emerging workloads requiring a world class object-based platform.”

Elastic Cloud Storage as part of your data strategy

It is widely acknowledged that data is growing exponentially – at a rate of approximately 50% year on year, with the vast majority coming from unstructured sources. In fact, according to a recent research report by IDC titled Why Organizations Need an Intelligent Data Strategy, organisations are 46 times more likely to deploy unstructured storage platforms than other data infrastructure options to deal with the rapid rise in unstructured data.

The partnership with Dell Technologies on ECS and Isilon is testament to Trustmarque’s wider investment in its datacentre capabilities including a growing portfolio of next generation solutions that support organisation’s most demanding workloads from edge to core to cloud.

Discover more about the explosion of unstructured data and the role of ECS in our recent blog; From chaos to control: how to exploit the explosion of unstructured data.

Mark Garrity, Managing Director at Trustmarque, said they are now better equipped than ever to support customers with their data management and storage challenges no matter how big their data grows.

“We’re proud to be named a partner of choice and are excited to be able to make these great technologies available to more organisations.”

Mark Garrity, Managing Director, Trustmarque

He commented: “We know that unstructured data poses a big challenge to many organisations, yet at the present time no one outside of Dell Technologies can deploy ECS in the UK. We’re proud to be named a partner of choice and are excited to be able to make these great technologies available to more organisations.

“Our aim is to be the leading IT partner in the UK for object and cloud storage so we can enable organisations to streamline their datacentre infrastructure and reap the benefits of digital transformation.”

Modern Datacentre Solutions by Trustmarque

We bring together the greatest innovations in modern datacentre including on-premise infrastructure, cloud-based technology and hybrid solutions.  We focus on datacentre optimisation that goes beyond cost reduction and point solutions to create powerful new architectures that are optimised for digital workloads and digital first organisations.

Our Unstructured Data Solutions are simple to manage, bring greater efficiencies and cost savings and are scalable to meet any capacity and performance requirement. No matter how big your data grows.

Powerful. Secure. Scalable.

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By Katherine Murphy, content enthusiast