Outstanding Tintri Channel Partners Recognised for Business Growth, Strategic Expertise and Customer Success

Trustmarque is proud to have been named a UK Partner of the Year by Tintri, a leading provider of Intelligent Infrastructure for enterprises.

The awards honour standout organisations in the Tintri Partner Program. They celebrate top-performing partners worldwide, recognising their ability to leverage Tintri’s intelligent storage solutions. This year, the awards focus particularly on the ability to deliver outstanding results for customers during an exceptionally tumultuous year in 2020.

Mark Treweeke, Head of Datacentre Solutions at Trustmarque, explained that “We have worked with Tintri for around ten years and many of our customers have leveraged their VMstore and Intelliflash (formerly Tegile) systems and solutions to solve challenging problems, enable outstanding business results and make a real difference to their operations.”

Thanks to its innovative approach to storage, Tintri is a major part of Trustmarque’s discussions and proposals when customers are looking at their datacentre modernisation. Mark explains: “Tintri was way ahead of the times when they first brought VMstore to market. It offered what was the first truly intelligent storage platform with AI-driven features offering autonomous operations and VM-level analytics, really helping drive down costs.

“That high level of innovation remains with them today and our customers just love the Tintri experience. A lot of customers have bought multiple systems and many are refreshing their aged systems with newer Tintri models.”

Nominated by Tintri leaders around the globe, the nominated partners have set themselves apart and were chosen based on their strategic technology expertise and their ability to drive channel business growth and success for customers. That includes helping customers achieve excellent business results, predictable profitability, and sustained user satisfaction. The robust Tintri Partner Program is designed to foster a network of business partners that can deliver a comprehensive enterprise solution set, and high-quality services and support to help customers get maximum value from their Tintri Intelligent Infrastructure solutions.

Amy Medeiros, Senior Vice President of Corporate Marketing and Inside Sales at Tintri, commented: “This year’s Partner of the Year award winners are comprised of organisations that have exemplified an unwavering commitment to delivering outstanding levels of customer success while setting the bar for Tintri solution expertise and driving impressive growth despite the challenges presented in 2020.

“Tintri is honoured to stand alongside our partners, who are indispensable to our business. Together we have a joint commitment to continue providing the best service and experience for our existing and future customer base. Congratulations to all of our top partners. We look forward to many more successes together.”

To echo these sentiments, Mark Treweeke added that Tintri has such “dedication to their partners, professional skills and willingness to go the extra mile to make things happen” for Trustmarque customers.

He added: “We have seen phenomenal growth in our joint business over the last couple of years. They are true to our simple approach of what we look for in a partner and what makes a partnership successful – best of breed technology, that is well supported and where we have a fantastic working relationship. Long may it continue!”

Trustmarque customers have also revealed their satisfaction with recent Trustmarque and Tintri solutions. One customer in the Scientific Engineering sector commented: “We’re really pleased with the new Tintri setup.  The performance change is incredible.  Our time-series databases (Elastic and Influx) are anything up to 10x faster on the flash tier, and there’s a very noticeable improvement on the hybrid too.  Some of that will be the compute upgrade since the Intel benchmarks website suggested a 4x improvement, but you can see in the stats the new Intelliflash is keeping us at sub-0.5ms latency with less than 10% CPU load.  That’s a massive change for our users.”

Thanks again to Tintri for awarding Trustmarque as UK Partner of the Year 2020. This is a fantastic achievement for everyone involved and further demonstrates the great partnership Trustmarque has with Tintri. We look forward to strengthening this even further in 2021.