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Need continuous software delivery? Containers make it happen

Containers are amazing things — seriously. They speed up software deployment, which is critical in an era where good software makes winners and bad software makes losers.

It’s absolute, but it’s not crazy. Over the past decade, software has rapidly become the primary driver of innovation and disruption across industries. And it’s not just the Ubers and Netflixes of the world driving software innovation as a differentiator. For example, the modern car has around 300 million lines of code in it.

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5 security mistakes your IT team wish you wouldn’t make

It’s National Cybersecurity Awareness Month (NCSAM) and this week’s theme is Cybersecurity in the workplace is everyone’s business.

I’m a Service Engineer working in IT at Sophos and Naked Security asked me to share my thoughts on the mistakes that the IT people in your workplace secretly wish you wouldn’t make.

Your IT guys and girls will thank you for reading it!

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Video game software company d3t has been acquired by AIM-listed Keywords Studios in a £3 million deal.

Keywords Studios, a provider of technical services to the global video games industry, has purchased Cheshire-based d3t from founders Jamie Campbell and Stephen Powell and others.

Founded in 2011 and now employing 44 staff, d3t provides outsourced software development services for video game developers and publishers internationally.

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A guide to putting yourself at the center of Digital Transformation projects

IT is increasingly being cut out of the decision-making and budgeting processes and its relationship with the rest of the business has changed irreversibly. This is being exacerbated by plethora of digital transformation projects where business leaders no longer feel reliant on IT. This is driving a divide between the business and IT.

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Effective audit software to grow your company

An audit plays a vital role in the growth and reputation of any company. It is usually performed with multiple objectives. An effective audit helps to evaluate the company performance. It helps to identify the drawbacks and rectify them instantly.

An effectual audit ensures that all the active operations of the organisation are meeting the compliance as per organisational regulation and prepare the organisation for potential challenges.

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And finally from Engadget…

Google and Microsoft troll each other over software vulnerabilities

Google has a history of not playing nicely with Microsoft. The company has previously posted publicly about their competitor’s software vulnerabilities, and understandably, Microsoft hasn’t been very happy about it. But now, the company has turned the tables on Google…

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