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We’ve reached the cloud computing tipping point

Between technology waves there is always a tipping point. It’s not that moment when the new tech becomes dominant but the moment when that dominance becomes clearly inevitable. For cloud computing I think the tipping point arrived a month ago. The future is now.

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Decision paralysis – How to get started on the GDPR

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock for the past six months, there are four letters creating a great deal of fear and confusion globally among legal and IT professionals alike.

The acronym ‘GDPR’ seems innocuous enough, however, what it stands for, i.e. the new General Data Protection Regulation certainly is not. This legal obligation, affecting any organisation around the world that does business in Europe (regardless of HQ location), results in stringent demands on the protection and management of personal data.

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Cloud computing: myths vs realities

There are many myths surrounding security and compliance in the realm of cloud computing that still endure. What’s the reality?

When hackers raided Equifax’s system, they absconded with the personal data of 143 million individuals. In the blink of an eye, a group of people nearly half the size of the US population had their identities stolen from one of the three major credit bureaus.

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UK businesses have slashed their cyber security budgets by a third

Businesses in the UK have cut the amount of cash they are spending on cyber security despite the growing threat of attacks.

Budgets for security are a third of what they were this time last year, down to £3.9m on average, compared to £6.2m according to research from PwC.

The cost of attacks has fallen, however, down to £857,000 compared to £2.6m a year earlier. But the impact of attacks were felt more widely across the business in areas such as operations and data, while the ultimate cost can be hard to quantify.

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Financial services CIOs above average for digital focus

IT leaders in the financial services sector realise they must undergo digital transformation as existing business models become outdated.

Digital transformation is the top priority for more than a quarter of CIOs as they realise they must change their business models before new competitors force them to do so.

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