October 31, 2022

Trustmarque’s cyber security expert joins UKsec 2022 line-up

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Trustmarque’s cyber security expert joins UKsec 2022 line-up 

Trustmarque is pleased to announce we will be joining cyber security partner, Sophos, at UKsec 2022 at the end of November. 

The UKsec Cyber Security Summit returns to London from 22-23 November 2022 to provide UK-based cyber security professionals with a platform to collaborate and exchange knowledge to secure their workforce and business. 

Taking to the stage will be Trustmarque’s Cyber Security Practice Director, James Holton, alongside  Kostandino Kustas, Sophos’ Senior Cybersecurity Expert. Together, they will discuss Demystifying Managed Services – your toolkit for better compliance, protection and performance. 

Taking place at Millennium Gloucester Hotel London Kensington, UKSec event will bring together the UK’s leading cyber security experts in enlightening case studies and thought-provoking panel discussions. The 2-day summit will focus on content dedicated to strengthening security postures and maintaining resilience in 2022 and beyond. 

Address your cyber security challenges

Trustmarque has a well-established cyber security team and is  a leading partner to Sophos. We provide technical expertise across Sophos solutions, Intercept X, Cloud Firewall Rapid Response and more. Together, we protect your endpoint perimeter and keep your business safe and secure. 

With recent targets like postal voting systems, national water suppliers and also various NHS Trusts, it seems that highly-sophisticated cyber gangs are prepared to wreak havoc across the UK. Post-pandemic technology advances have been fast-tracked to support business processes and modern ways of working. However, without adequate supporting cyber resilience, they are a tempting route for cybercriminals to prey on. The figures are telling – according to NCSC, in the last 12 months 39% of UK businesses identified a cyber-attack (phishing, spoofing, ransomware, malware, or IoT hacking). So what can be done to avoid being in the firing line in 2023 and beyond?   

Demystifying Managed Services – your toolkit for better compliance, protection and performance 

11am, Tuesday 22nd November  


James Holton, Cyber Security Practice Director, Trustmarque    

Kostandino Kustas, Sophos Senior Cybersecurity Expert 

What we will cover 

As cyber security tooling and the skillsets required to manage said tools evolves, it can be difficult to know where these solutions fit in with each business need, especially with an ever-growing attack surface.  

Join Sophos and Trustmarque as we look to impart industry experience on the following points:  

  • Delivering the best ROI – Inhouse vs outsourced  
  • How to achieve better security outcomes – Inhouse vs outsourced  
  • No time to waste (or proactive vs reactive) – Do incident response retainers and insurance policies still have a place in today’s service-driven market?  
  • Staying compliant – the pros and cons of tools vs services 

About our speakers

James Holton Cyber Security Practice Director, Trustmarque    

James Holton has over 13 years’ of experience in IT, with a background in senior sales and commercial roles. He is driven by helping customers through complex security challenges, by leveraging Trustmarque’s long-standing relationships with their leading Cyber Security providers. 


 Kostandino Kustas, Sophos Senior Cybersecurity Expert  

A Senior Infrastructure Engineer turned Sophos Sales Engineer . With 15 years of experience in a variety of technical IT roles, and with a passion for anything tech-related, Kosta joined Sophos 18 months ago with the view to help organisations (big or small) face the ever-evolving security threats that continue to disrupt the digital world. 

Our Sophos partnership  

Trustmarque’s award-winning cyber team has 20 years of experience in delivering professional services that bulletproof your protection. We offer in-depth technical expertise across Sophos’s solutions, protecting all areas of your business to deliver comprehensive security solutions that are secure. 

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