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When the Microsoft Enterprise Agreement came to an end two years ago, NHS Hertfordshire was tasked with taking charge of its licensing for the first time. A software solution was required to ensure its entire Microsoft estate was fully compliant and identifying the most cost effective software licensing strategy to help achieve both technology and strategic objectives.


NHS Hertfordshire was tasked with taking responsibility for and ownership of its software licensing compliance as the Microsoft Enterprise Agreement had come to an end. It needed to ensure this was managed in the best way possible while guaranteeing any changes offered flexibility for the organisation’s future ambitions. This also had to be delivered within a tight timeframe and budget.

Trustmarque worked with NHS Hertfordshire to outline its current and future technology strategy using its Microsoft Commercial Benchmarking Service which included a Compliance Assessment and a Microsoft Commercial Review.

Rather than being assumptive about what was needed, the first thing Trustmarque did was to take a step back and examine what software was already in place, how it was being used and how to make the best possible use of it. This built a solid foundation from which to understand where and where not to invest, ensuring NHS Hertfordshire was not repurchasing software but gaining the maximum benefit from what was already in place.

The second phase looked at future options based on current investments and future technology strategies. Trustmarque worked with NHS Hertfordshire to align its future licensing strategy to key technology objectives and strategic initiatives. It ensured these were met by investing wisely and guaranteeing a tremendous amount of value from what money would be spent. Providing guidance objectively, Trustmarque gave NHS Hertfordshire the confidence to move forward by devising a range of flexible, cost effective options in line with Microsoft product licensing and associated agreements.


NHS Hertfordshire now has a solid licensing foundation in place which it will build upon for its future needs. Trustmarque’s expertise has also helped inform the organisation’s strategy, as ambitious plans have become a reality thanks to the way Microsoft applications have been licensed. This has given the organisation room to grow in future by making more options available.

Martin Wallis is confident the solution Trustmarque has provided will enable NHS Hertfordshire to keep its licensing costs under control in future and develop the services it offers without being held back from continuing to deliver an effective and efficient service to its patients.

Why Trustmarque?

NHS Hertfordshire wanted to make sure funds were spent intelligently and ensure it saw the real business value from any further investment. Having worked with Trustmarque on a number of previous software licensing projects, the organisation knew it would receive a bespoke service from a team of experienced consultants.

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