Brendan Harte

Brendan Harte

Sales Director

Date Joined: 2002

Tell me about your career at Trustmarque and S3

I started 17 years ago as an Account Manager on the Local Government team. I then became a Team Leader and worked my way up to Sales Manager during which time I looked after mid-market accounts across a mix of public sector and corporate clients.

In 2012, I became Sales Manager for Healthcare. I then went on to Tech Products Sales Director in 2016 and then S3 Sales Director a year later in 2017. Now that S3 has merged with Trustmarque, I’m continuing that Sales Director role.

What’s involved in your current role?

I’m responsible for setting the strategic direction for the sales team; growing the business and attracting and nurturing the right talent to hit our objectives. I’ve built a growth and development plan that includes both acquisition and customer retention and am leading the team to execute against that plan.

I have free reign over the strategy and coach my team to deliver on the targets. I also work closely with specialist teams to develop propositions and services.

What do you like about your role?

Because I manage a high-volume sales floor, it is fast-paced, challenging and high pressure. But I enjoy it. It’s financially rewarding and my earning potential is in my own hands. I enjoy the people I work with, both above me and around me. And I really like the customer base.

What’s been some of your personal successes over the past 17 years?

Moving into a Sales Director role was something I was working towards for a long time. Some of the big strategic wins have been extremely satisfying. For example, my aim was to clean up the then struggling Tech Products and turn it into a profitable business, which I achieved.

I’m also proud of the people I work with. I have brought in various colleagues who have grown and developed into successful leadership roles.

What is your management style?

My staff get a lot of trust. We really believe in people. The team has the flexibility to work remotely and they are all above target. Trust enables that. You don’t get that level of trust in all organisations.

What would you say to anyone interested in a career at Trustmarque?

We’re always looking for the right talent. If you work hard, you will get rewarded. We have earning capabilities and it’s up to you how hard you work and how much you earn.

We’re also highly progressive. If we find someone with a certain skill in a certain area, we are flexible and nimble enough to take advantage of that. We’ve created specific roles for people suited their skills. It’s not the standard 9-5, it’s a lot more rewarding and fun.

What three words would you use to describe Trustmarque?

Dynamic. Agile. Rewarding.