Chloe Craughan

Chloe Craughan

Head of Marketing

Date Joined: Nov 2017

Tell me about your background

I started my career on a graduate sales programme with a property developer. Because I held a degree in History, I had to learn on-the-job. I soon realised I couldn’t sell if we didn’t do any marketing as no one knew who we were. I did everything I could to learn key marketing principles and put them into practice.

After that, I moved into a marketing role for the residential arm of the group. At the same time, I set up my own marketing business: running social media and blogs for small companies. It grew through word of mouth and allowed me to self-fund proper CIM (Chartered Institute of Marketing) training.

How did you move into technology marketing?

I was approached by an IBM reseller who’d seen my social media activity and events. Initially, I was asked to consult and then they offered me a role. I had no background in tech, but I immediately loved it. It was fast paced, dynamic, customer-focused and very social. I really enjoyed solving business critical problems. We sold data protection and backup to big brands – so the stakes for our customers were high and that made it rewarding.

After that, I moved to another reseller for a year and then joined Trustmarque in 2017.

Why did you choose Trustmarque for the next stage of you career?

Trustmarque is the biggest organisation I have worked for to date. And being a part of Capita, it felt like a jump into the corporate world. I wanted that big brand experience. That said, while it has a corporate mentality, it is still sized to be agile and things move fast, which is what all marketeers want. I went in thinking I’d be a little fish in a big pond, but I don’t feel like that at all. We really have the scope to make a big difference.

How was it joining Trustmarque?

I was nervous about expectations when I joined, but that was unnecessary. It is one of the only organisations I have worked for where everyone is behind you and wants you to succeed. Fundamentally, I have never worked with such supportive, lovely, encouraging and helpful people. That’s across the business. There is not one person I’ve met in Trustmarque who doesn’t want to help.

What do you like about leading the marketing for Trustmarque?

I love that we have the opportunity to work closely with our vendor partners, who are some of the biggest names in the tech sector. Layered with Trustmarque’s expertise, we take market leading propositions to our customers, which are designed to help people with their problems like improving security, migrating to cloud and adopting modern IT.

As a marketing team we also have the freedom to try different channels and act with autonomy to deliver real value to the business. We’re far from being seen as the “coloring in department”.

What’s your greatest achievement since joining?

The marketing team was very tactical when I joined. I really like structure so I spent 6 months understanding the business and understanding how as a team we could be more proactive, process driven and collaborative. Now, we are more strategical.

“Now, we have a dream team of people with real specialist skills but with a common purpose.”

I think the team is what I am most proud of. I have learned management skills and how to understand people’s strengths and weaknesses, how to mentor to create better outcomes. Now, we have a dream team of people with real specialist skills but with a common purpose. That is particularly important as we are geographically dispersed.

I get compliments on the team everyday and it is fantastic. We are seeing huge success. In fact, Trustmarque has just had its most successful year.

Your team is growing, what are you looking for and why should someone join?

I am looking for someone who is flexible, self-sufficient, self-motivated and tenacious, as things can move fast. Collaboration is key, so it is crucial you can engage with all stakeholders. You’re only as good as the sum of your parts.

A career at Trustmarque can be highly rewarding as you can shape your own path – and we will give you the support and scope to become a specialist in areas that interest you.  You will be part of a really strong team, not just in marketing but in the wider business. Our Specialist Sales and Professional Services teams are amazing to work with and provide an unrivaled depth of expertise when building propositions.

What does the Trustmarque Brand mean to you?

Our brand is about enabling better outcomes. For me, that means constantly investing in myself and the team to be better.

Three words to describe Trustmarque: People. Enablement. Better

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