Dave Nicholson

Sales Director, Corporate

Date Joined: May 2016

Tell me about your background

My sales and leadership career spans 27 years, all of which have been directly customer focused; across telecom, BPO, digital and IT. I joined Trustmarque in 2016 just before the business was acquired by Capita, so I’ve seen a lot of change in recent years.

What does your role involve?

Essentially, leading the change in our customer-facing business. Our customers and their markets are constantly evolving, not just through technology enhancement, but in their expectation and interpretation of customer value. Everything from our strategy and solutions to how we interact with our customers and liberate value must be relevant to our customers and their individual needs.

The customer account manager is pivotal to the overall customer experience. And my role is to ensure we differentiate ourselves in a grossly under-served market through proactive, value-focused customer account management.

Following the acquisition of Trustmarque and other businesses by Capita, where are you in the transition process?

The process is ever-evolving. However, this past 18-months has seen significant investment in our sales business. In creating a single operating model post the integration of five very different businesses, maintaining focus, performance and vision has been paramount and key to our success.

We seek to create the optimal performance environment for our sales business. This past year has seen significant investment in; sales enablement, marketing initiatives, lead generation, as well as a new sales incentive plan to truly reward the balance of behavioural change and performance.

We’ve also supported a huge investment into the professional services team, which has grown ten-fold. The team serves as the perfect overlay to sales, providing technical integrity. With the two teams working in collaboration we can really provide that technical, consultative expertise.

What qualities are you looking for from new recruits?

The right balance of business and behavioural competencies. We have a technical overlay team, so I am looking for professionals able to demonstrate customer-centric sales capability.

Our investment in sales is not just financial, we seek to develop the individual through learning, support, encouragement and coaching. Whilst we operate a performance-based environment, we are a customer-centric business so performance has to be underpinned by the right values. I want demonstrable work ethic: energy, enthusiasm with genuine integrity. I look for the repeat behaviours present in our consistent peak performers.

How would you describe the sales team culture at Trustmarque?

That’s a good question, as we’re evolving. That said, I’d say ‘enabled’. Whilst we have created a performance-focused environment with clear measures, I believe talent needs enabling, not managing.

We measure outputs. For example, pipeline and conversion; not the number of calls or meetings. Our customer engagement model encourages collaboration to yield expertise with regular account and opportunity reviews to ensure expert alignment.

We work well as a team with regular touch points to share learning; this builds a good energy. And we have each other’s backs and share success together. As a business, we are very pro-development and encourage the development of talent and careers at Trustmarque and beyond.

Why should someone join the Trustmarque Sales team?

For the same reason I did – to join a business at a very exciting time. To be part of a team responsible for changing the VAR (value added re-seller) customer experience. To invest in your personal development and career path. And of course, to be recognised and rewarded without limits.

Let’s face it, our industry has lost sight of the customer; its drowning in technology and bombarded by vendor claim and contradiction – if you possess the drive, passion and competency and subscribe to our challenge, then Trustmarque will provide you a very rewarding career in more ways than one.

What three words would you use to describe Trustmarque?

Agile. Integrity. Committed.

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