Gemma Scadding

Gemma Scadding

Alliances Manager

Date Joined: Nov 2005

Tell me about your background and why you joined Trustmarque

I previously worked in operations roles and wanted a change of scene and a new challenge. I was introduced to a procurement manager role at Trustmarque by a recruitment agency. I must admit I was apprehensive at first, as I was unfamiliar with IT, but I immediately really liked working for Trustmarque.

How did Trustmarque support you as you moved into the new world of IT?

They were very welcoming and good at showing how my previous skills and experience could transfer.  After finding my feet in the procurement role, when the Microsoft Operations Manager left, I was encouraged to step up into that position. I was nervous at first, but the support was fantastic. I was supported to complete Microsoft exams and a management NVQ and received a lot of mentoring from senior colleagues.

I’ve also been fully supported when returning to the business after personal and maternity leave. I wanted part-time hours and Trustmarque was very accommodating, finding a suitable position working within the Microsoft Alliances Team. My return to work was brilliant because they really accommodate you, which is very impressive.

Tell me about your current role

We had some changes in the Alliances department and because of my background, I was asked to sort things out from an operational perspective. My attention turned from being focused purely on the Microsoft piece to looking at accreditations and partners across our vast vendor network.

I am now in an Alliances Manager role with a specific focus on security vendors, although I have experience in other areas too.

What do you enjoy about the role?

I like that it is never stale and is constantly changing. Being in the Alliances team I feel close to the vendors and the latest technology that is disrupting the workforce. That shows how far I have come in the industry, as I am keen to embrace and deepen my knowledge of tech.

At Trustmarque I have the opportunity to develop my skills and knowledge, working alongside our practice leads and Specialist Sales team. The opportunity to support the Sales team is also highly rewarding – and extremely hands-on.

Part of my role sees me working with a diverse mixture of partners who are constantly bringing new technologies to the table that help Trustmarque continue to evolve. It’s exhilarating working across our partner network like this.

What has kept you at Trustmarque so long?

The people and the support. As I’ve mentioned, Trustmarque has been incredibly supportive. I have had personal issues which they have really helped me through. We have a great leadership team. I honestly can’t fault it.

The progression opportunities are also a big draw. I like change and enjoy moving roles. I like to feel like I am developing and doing a good job. Trustmarque has given me the opportunity to try new things and acknowledged my skills with certified exams.

What is the culture like?

When I joined, Trustmarque was a much smaller company of around 100 employees who were all based in York and there was a real sense of team and collaboration. Thankfully, I think that ethos has stayed.

It is a good environment and the teams get on well. After the integration of the different business units over the past couple of years, it feels like we are all one team now. Happiness and work-life balance is considered important.

What are the most exciting things happening in security?

I am really excited about 2023. We have a solid security practice that we can be proud of and that will differentiate us in the market. We are now an accredited Microsoft Security Partner – it is an exciting time.

In the wider landscape, what is refreshing and exciting Is that there is a shift in perceptions within the public sector. Traditionally, public sector was seen as slow to uptake new technologies and cloud but I think they are really turning a corner. They are considering cloud and cloud security, more than ever and as a result we are doing some cool things there. The cyber awareness training that we offer with Proofpoint is Gartner leading in upskilling people.

Three words to describe Trustmarque: Innovative. Supportive. Team.