Kallum Beazley

Kallum Beazley

Healthcare Account Manager

Date Joined: February 2017

What does your role involve?

I work with accounts in the Department of Health and Social Care and its associated bodies. I act as the main point of contact for queries, whether that’s on licensing arrangements or on more strategic projects. I tend to have particular focus on datacentre, analytics and Microsoft agreement life-cycle.

What do you like about your role?

I like that it’s a challenge and I’m always learning. In my previous career, I was a sports therapist and it was hands on but required little thinking. To succeed as an Account Manager, I know I need to be an expert in my field.

I am also a self-confessed tech geek and I like to see how technology changes the way we work, how customers work and the impact on the world around us.

What drove the career change from sports therapy?

I needed a new challenge. I was told by friends and colleagues that I fitted the sales persona. Probably because I’m personable and love working with people.

What do you think is the most exciting thing happening in the industry at the moment?

Analytics and AI. I was at the Microsoft Future Decoded event this year and it had a big focus on AI in healthcare, which will really free up clinician time. AI is letting tech do the donkey work so people can do the hard work. It is enabling service users and helping patients so it’s a very exciting thing to be part of.

What’s the biggest customer challenge you see day-to-day?

Culture. People are often working in silos and not sharing the work they are doing. There is fear of being criticised or someone else stealing the thunder. Therefore, excellence and innovation is happening in small pockets.

Why do you like working for Trustmarque?

There is a strong culture of reward and recognition. It’s evolving rapidly too, especially after the Capita acquisition which brought together many different specialist businesses.

Technology is evolving at such a pace that we are continuously having to grow our skills. I think Trustmarque keeps on top of that to make sure we can support our customers.

I also find the job highly flexible and I like being able to travel – meeting customers and attending events.

Tell me about the management – what is their style?

We have a clear strategic direction, with a focus on how we can better serve our customers’ needs. We’re encouraged and supported with the right resources to achieve the strategy.

In terms of the culture, there seems to be a good community. People get on very well and work as a team.

Where do you see yourself next?

In less than three years, I’ve progressed three times. There are lots of opportunities to keep me on my toes and keep the role fresh, challenging and rewarding. I’m progressing at a good rate. However, I’m still finding my feet within the Microsoft contracts side of things so I want to strengthen the position there and then move to bigger contracts. Moving to a Client Director role eventually.

What three words would you use to describe Trustmarque?

Innovative. Customer-focused. Rewarding.

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