Neel Dev

Neel Dev

Cloud Practice Director

Date Joined: September 2018

Tell me about your role

My role has changed slightly. When I joined, I was Azure Practice Lead, but due to market demand we are now onboarding AWS customers too, so it’s evolved to become Cloud Practice Lead. This is indicative of Trustmarque and the customer-first approach.

Day-to-day, I manage a pre-sales teams of cloud architects who help customers on the journey to the cloud. We take propositions to the Sales team and to customers.

What do you like about your role?

The ability to influence the strategy of the organisation. Everyone in the team is excited and passionate about getting customers to adopt cloud. Therefore, I have a great balance of working directly with customers and leading the team. Because my team are part of the customer conversation and the customer journey, we are closer to their challenges. I can better create strategies aligned to their needs. I like that aspect of being a “player manager”.

How does Trustmarque compare to previous employers?

If I compare it to my last job where I was also in a cloud team, the difference is huge. Here, things move much faster. For example, one of my first projects was to work with the marketing team to quickly mobilise the Azure Solutions proposition. In previous organisations, it would have gone to the UK VP and then global VP for sign off, which could take 6-7 months. It’s much more agile at Trustmarque and that means we can support customers more efficiently.

Tell me about the management – what is their style?

If they trust you, you can get on with it. I love that freedom. It’s important as opposed to being micro-managed.

How would you describe the Trustmarque culture?

The perfect balance of a FTSE 250 company with the agility to act fast and with total autonomy. It has the strength of a large organisation with a loyal customer base but is nimble and innovative so that you can really make a difference.

I feel like I’m valued, trusted and respected. The reason I left my last role was lack of agility. I was brought in to change things but couldn’t because of the size and politics of the organisation. At Trustmarque, you are listened to and you can add value to the business. You are not a small cog in a big machine.

What’s next for the cloud team?

I’m in a privileged position in that there is a big focus on Azure and now AWS. I’ve already recruited and expanded the team and I expect it will continue to grow. We need more AWS Architects and there’s scope for vertical specialists. Get in touch.

What three words would you use to describe Trustmarque?

Agile. Transformational. Inclusive.