Rich Calvert

Rich Calvert

Account Director, Corporate Sales Team

Date Joined: September 2011

Tell us about your career at Trustmarque

I joined over eight years ago. I started as a graduate in the new business team and then progressed to an Account Manager and eventually an Account Director role.

How was it joining as a graduate?

I think it is a great place to launch your career. I’ve started without a background in IT and have been given support to develop my knowledge and have had mentors throughout my career. The management have always been supportive in assisting with requests for things like training.

What does your current role involve?

I manage a lot of strategic accounts. That can range from stakeholder management and relationship building to road-mapping the right strategy for my clients.

What do you like about your role?

Commission (smiles). Actually, the teamwork within Trustmarque is important. We are part of Capita but we still have a good sense of being a tight-knit team. The people here are collaborative, communicative and willing to help. We work together to get the right outcome for the clients and as a result I have good relationships with my key clients.

Tell me about the management – what is their style?

I have had different managers over the eight years and they have had different styles, but I work best when I am left to my own devices. That is supported within the business. There is no need to report back on a daily basis, as long as overall KPIs are met. There is a degree of autonomy balanced well with abiding with the Trustmarque quality standard. That is expected.

How would you describe the culture?

It’s constantly changing for the better. We have Sales rallies, QBRs and award and recognition programmes, which are not just for sales. It used to be very sales focused whereas it is now more balanced and indicative of the way the company has developed – to reflect all the different services.

What would you say to anyone interested in a career at Trustmarque?

You’ll be impressed by the scale of the portfolio. We can fill customer requirements with in-house capability. We are in a unique position of being small enough to care but big enough to matter.

Where do you see yourself next?

I am very happy doing what I am doing. My focus is on growing relationships with current customers. I’m starting to manage bigger more complex pieces of work, mostly around digital transformation and helping customers be more agile and competitive.

What three words would you use to describe Trustmarque?

Collaborative. Open. Customer-centric.