Richard Bessant

Richard Bessant

Sales Manager, Corporate Sales Team

Date Joined: March 2017

What’s involved in your role as Sales Manager?

I manage a team of 12 Client Directors and Business Development Managers focused on the corporate sector. We provide strategic support to customers to ensure we meet their needs and add value to their organisations. We work closely with our marketing and pre-sales teams to take our propositions to market.

What do you like about your role?

First and foremost, it’s about the people I work with. We all have a shared vision. We work together to set the strategy, overcome challenges and deliver on our objectives.

The organisation also has a lot of flexibility and there’s a real can-do attitude, which is supported by investment in sales enablement. The enjoyment and motivation are why people stay at Trustmarque for a long time.

What else attracted you to Trustmarque?

The size of the organisation was a key factor. Because of its size and the quality of staff, Trustmarque has a depth and breadth of skills that are unique in the market. The broad range of propositions are highly relevant to the market. Previously, I was with a small re-seller for 15 years. The challenge there was that deals we brought to the table could be too big for the company to take on. I wanted to move to an organisation with greater agility, capability and skill set.

Can you explain the culture?

It is about enabling individuals. It is not a micro-management environment. People are trusted as adults to get the job done. And there’s lots of support and enablement to help them achieve the best they can.

What does that support look like?

For my team in particular, we have a dedicated technical pre-sales team who provide that overlay specialist expertise. There’s lots of training and sales enablement, regular meetings and 1:1 support is available. And of course, we have personal development plans.

What are the routes of progression?

There are two routes. Firstly, you can scale-up the amount of business you do, whether that’s through more or larger clients – and we will support that. Secondly, if you want to progress up the business you can do that quickly. The business is changing at a pace you can progress in-line with your ambitions, as long as you perform well.

What three words would you use to describe Trustmarque?

Innovative. Adaptable. Forward-looking.