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Make fast and efficient use of Azures’ capabilities

Moving work into the public cloud can be much like moving to a new datacentre. The same core elements are needed, but in Azure the names and properties are either slightly different or offer radical opportunities for change. Organisations can often get caught out when trying to quickly adopt Azure as their datacentre through a lack of familiarity with the differences. Trustmarque has helped a number of organisations make this move, through the Azure Operations Framework.

Within a series of detailed workshops we will work with you and your team to cover all the areas needed to build an Azure datacentre ready for production loads. Using these and your cloud strategy, the design and operation of your new datacentre can be formalised, ready for build. Using the initial output from the Azure Operations Framework, we can further support you to design a new datacentre in a matter of weeks. What could be several months of work before cloud can be reduced to around five weeks of workshops and planning.

Benefits for the IT Manager

  • Makes sure that no thinking is missed, all core capabilities are available
  • Educates the team to make fast, efficient use of Azures’ capabilities, with a radically reduced learning curve
  • Prevents sprawl and rework

Benefits for the IT Leader

  • Reduces the reputational risk to the business likely as a result of a flawed implementation
  • Limits and controls the cost of building a new datacentre
  • Speeds up delivery to drive rapid return on investment

On completion of our Azure Operations Framework we offer follow on services:

Cloud Application Readiness Assessment

Assess applications readiness to move to cloud

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Service Consultancy

Designed for large projects that involve mass migration, consolidation and upgrading of systems, process and data.

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Why Trustmarque?

Our delivery practitioners are highly skilled and work to a common methodology designed to ensure that our customers achieve a high quality outcome. We have considerable in house experience of managing entire services and platforms, allowing us to see beyond the immediate demands of a project to underlying business needs.

Azure Operations Framework

Discover more about our Azure Operations Framework.



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