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Discover the right path to the Cloud for your applications

The Cloud Application Readiness Assessment identifies how to modernise your application portfolio for a fast, predictable and cost-effective route to the Cloud. The assessment provides insight into the current state of your application estate, demonstrates the applications that will benefit from a move to cloud and defines the roadmap and best fit solution to pave the way for a successful migration.

Benefits of CARA:

  • Simple quick start to cloud migration
  • Gain visibility into the benefits of the Cloud
  • Better understand current application estate
  • Identify a quick roadmap to the Cloud
  • Discover which workloads can be moved to the Cloud

Assessing application readiness for the Cloud:

Our readiness assessment service includes Discovery, Exploration and Planning components, resulting in an actionable plan for your organisation’s personal cloud application journey, identifying the most suitable technology option.


Application Profiling

A review of the applications that will benefit the most from migrating to the Cloud.

Business Value Identification

A review of the business value of moving an application to the Cloud.

Migration Assessment

A review of the ease of migration of certain applications, considering; development requirements, integration, vendor support and overall complexity.

The outputs of the assessment include a report to provide your business with:

  • Details of the high-level business value of application migration
  • The estimated savings from application migration
  • A structured roadmap to the Cloud
  • An identification of the most appropriate cloud solution
  • Detail of migration complexity and risk
  • Advice on best fit deployment models

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Download the Cloud Application Readiness Assessment Service Datasheet

Discover more about our Cloud Application Readiness Assessment (CARA) Service.


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Trustmarque has a breadth and depth of experience with public and private sector clients in delivering successfully bespoke applications and transformation programmes.

Our highly experienced team of analysts, solution architects and development specialists can guide you through your transformation offering strategic planning, business case generation, architectural assurance and a rapid agile delivery capability.

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