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Understand the benefits of the Cloud for your organisation

Diving straight into cloud computing without having a complete understanding of what it can deliver for your organisation can be a mistake.

We help organisations gain a clear understanding of the benefits of the Cloud, the opportunities it can create for business and importantly how you can start your own cloud journey.

Trustmarque’s Cloud Awareness Assessment includes a facilitated workshop through which we can help your organisation understand more about cloud and discover the potential value that can be achieved from a range of cloud deployment models.

We can also provide you with the knowledge to identify the next steps in developing your cloud strategy.

Your roadmap to the Cloud:


Gain a clearer understanding of what cloud is and what benefits it provides, as well as being alerted to the potential barriers for the business.


Identify the high level use cases where cloud could provide advantage in your organisation.

Cloud Strategy

Identify the next steps to helping your organisation realise the potential benefits of cloud with stakeholder buy-in.

Interested in discovering the benefits of cloud for your organisation?

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Why Trustmarque?

Our Cloud experts work in partnership with our customers to support them in both understanding where they are on the journey to the cloud and in helping them to reach their desired destination.

We have significant experience of delivering cloud solutions to public and private sector organisations across a range of industries. We have best of breed relationships with leading vendors and understand a range of roadmaps, we use the insights we gain from our partnerships to add value to our customer’s solutions and provide the right advice.




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