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Keep the lights on and your valuable data safe

  • Where would your business operate from if your premises disappeared over night?
  • How would you gain access to your data?
  • What services are the most important to you as a business?
  • What services would you need first?

Simple, basic but important questions, and questions that will help you decide what services to prioritise as part of your disaster recovery service.

Having a secure, replicated backup that can be recovered quickly or even a live replicated infrastructure to keep downtime to hours and not days is essential. Most businesses cannot function without IT services these days and making these services available may also make the difference. Relying on the Cloud for disaster recovery has become a realistic method of achieving a business continuity strategy to modernise your disaster recovery strategy.

Trustmarque design highly available systems that cope with all disaster and operational failure scenarios. We can review and health check your existing architecture and process; and redesign and build new solutions to ensure you can meet your strategic objectives without operational risk.

Business continuity and disaster recovery planning simplified:

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Avoid maintaining costly in-house infrastructure with a cloud based DR solution


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Benefit from frequent, simple, cost effective service testing carried out in the cloud to avoid business disruption


Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS)

Data backup and recovery, Simplified

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Why Trustmarque?

To deliver the most effective and relevant DR service possible, we’ve combined our expertise in the latest cloud, infrastructure and application technology with our enterprise IT experience of more than 20 years. We know what it takes to deliver successful disaster recovery solutions, having been responsible for both public and private sector organisations’ core infrastructure; and building a range of DR solutions across our own and other companies’ data centres.

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Disaster Recovery Datasheet

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