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Data is exponential but budgets are not. See how much StorSimple could save your business

The growth in mobile and always-on technology has sparked an explosion of data. Worldwide corporate data now doubles every 14 months and is predicted to reach 10.5 ZB by 2020.

Microsoft’s Azure StorSimple solution delivers on demand scalable storage reducing costs by up to 60% versus traditional enterprise storage.  Its true Hybrid cloud storage capabilities provides the perfect gateway to the cloud, you can take advantage of economical cloud storage for your inactive data, whilst keeping your mission-critical data on-premises so you can respond to ever changing business demands quickly.

StorSimple: enterprise storage and data management with the economics of cloud

Microsoft’s StorSimple solution delivers an agile storage service in the Cloud. It combines primary storage, backup, archive, and disaster recovery, to optimise storage costs, data protection and service agility. In addition its unique cloud snapshot capability automatically protects and rapidly restores production data using Azure Storage.

The benefits of StorSimple Hybrid Cloud Storage:

  • Delivers on demand scalable storage – eliminating constant budget requests for additional storage purchases, reducing cost by up to 60%
  • Provides access to business data in Azure – enabling IT to be more agile and cost effective with setting up infrastructure and developing applications in Azure to support ongoing business innovation
  • Improves business continuity – by increasing the ease and efficiency of data protection, and dramatically accelerates disaster recovery

Planning for and Deploying StorSimple

Trustmarque are partnering with storage management experts S3 to provide professional planning and deployment services in support of your hybrid cloud strategy.

Working together to support you and your teams by:

Workloads to move

Identifying suitable workloads to move to StorSimple


Designing your storage resiliency

Always On Coverage

Designing and deploying your Cloud technologies to include StorSimple


Training users and migrating your data to ensure that your deployment is a success

S3 are specialists in identifying and providing bespoke data storage and compute solutions across rapidly changing business landscapes. Experts in accessing, managing and protecting business critical information for a range of clients across all sectors, their attention to detail and focus on their clients core business needs is what sets them apart.

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Hybrid IaaS

Capture the value of your workloads with the move to Azure.

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Why Trustmarque?

Trustmarque’s Cloud specialists will work together with you and the key stakeholders across your business to define the right solution for your organisation. Our market leading industry experience, ensures your organisation gets the most from the Cloud. Our cloud experts will collaborate with your organisation at every stage of your cloud journey – advising, implementing and deploying innovative solutions to deliver successful outcomes.

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