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The best of both worlds with hybrid clouds

Hybrid Cloud offers a mix of private and public cloud services to provide the security of private clouds and the huge scalability of public clouds. IT departments have the ability to combine on-premise infrastructure or internal private cloud with external cloud-based environments at the same time. Enabling the best of each technology to drive innovation.

By adopting a Hybrid Cloud model, you can match the type of cloud you need to suit your unique applications and services, delivering the highest value results faster whilst minimising security risk. Moving to cloud in incremental stages can simplify processes, aid the transition away from traditional infrastructure and provide agile, cost effective services. Ultimately Hybrid Cloud promotes flexibility, agility, increases workload capabilities and saves money.

We offer Hybrid Cloud solutions between customers’ own private Clouds, our multi-tenant Cloud and public Cloud services such as O365 and Azure, so that customers can consume the best services for each area of their business. Hybrid Cloud supports the need to have different Cloud solutions for different business and IT requirements; but with a consistent user experience. With our Hybrid Cloud solution, customers can enjoy the benefits of flexibility, no capital expenditure and a high quality, reliable infrastructure across the different Cloud components involved.

We can also offer:


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The ability to move to the Cloud regardless of level of regulatory or compliance requirement in your business

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UK based private and multi-tenant Cloud solutions for sensitive data

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Ability to tailor the solution and integrate physical devices into the solution where required

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Maximum business and IT agility through the use of hyper-scale public Cloud IaaS with Azure, and SaaS solutions such as O365

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A range of supporting, pre-integrated services such as MPLS, Cloud connectivity and SIP based telephony

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