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Quickly acquire a scalable capability to deliver innovation based on cloud-native technologies

Innovation is about more than technology: it requires lean processes, agile thought, and strong technical leadership. Developing a team, culture, and processes to deliver value in an enterprise context is complex and fraught with difficulty.

Our Innovation Labs encapsulate the years of experience we have built up delivering customer innovation projects in an easy-to-launch service. They embed a delivery team in an organisation that lives and breathes technology, ensuring you have access to the right skills when you need them, for as long as you need them. Whether you want to explore how technology can be used to support, accelerate, and extend your business model, or whether you need to optimise existing applications to reduce IT spend, improve reliability, and increase agility, Innovation Labs can support and deliver against your objectives.

Why use Innovation Labs?

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Reduce Risk

Highly specialist expertise across our professional services

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Reduce time to market:

No need to recruit, manage, and maintain a mix of technical disciplines

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Lower cost:

Minimise up-front investments in skills, processes, and tooling

Why Trustmarque?

Trustmarque has a breadth and depth of experience with public and private sector clients in delivering successful transformation programmes. Working with Microsoft for 30 years across a wide range of products and services has helped us to build an experienced and knowledgeable team, with a unique blend of capabilities across all aspects of applications, business insights, and systems management.

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