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A safe home for your organisation’s technical intellectual property

Managed Code Services help control the risks associated with source code no longer under active development by checking it in to a Trustmarque repository attached to common maintenance services. Whether you have an in-house app with no support, you’ve acquired source code from a supplier, or your internal development team have moved on to bigger and better things, knowing that you have a responsive partner with ready access to your source code helps you and your team concentrate on the future rather than the past.

Following an initial onboarding activity, we will provision a repository for your source code to help you get it checked in. We will perform an annual health check and supply a report detailing potential risk and remediation, alongside a menu of on-demand maintenance services. When you’re ready to invoke a maintenance service, our existing knowledge of your code and access to repositories enables us to quickly and accurately quote for work.


Why connect to Managed Code Services?

  • Dedicated technology expertise embedded within your organisation
  • Proven expertise of technology delivery and asset management across a range of public and private sector organisations
  • Fast and accurate response times

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Why Trustmarque?

Trustmarque has a breadth and depth of experience with public and private sector clients in delivering successfully bespoke applications and transformation programmes. Working with Microsoft for 30 years across a wide range of products and services has helped us to build an experienced and knowledgeable team, with a unique blend of capabilities across all aspects of applications, business insights, and systems management.

Managed Code Services

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