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An independent health assessment of the resources provisioned in an Azure environment

As your cloud journey unfolds your organisation may make tactical decisions on cloud deployments, acquire cloud assets from partners, or take on management of cloud systems developed on your behalf. It’s important for an IT manager to understand both the risks and opportunities that these resources represent, and our Subscription Health Check is designed to meet that need.

Our cloud specialists will work with your team to discuss, confirm, and document the subscription from a range of perspectives including organisation, deployment, operations, access control, data management, and technology awareness. We’ll also review complex areas like networking, virtual machines, scalability and performance management to give you a holistic view of the assets provisioned, giving you a quick independent assessment to discover the risk exposure and potential opportunity of your Azure estate.

With a fixed-cost per subscription review, a simple engagement model, and a clearly defined output, the Subscription Health Check is a simple way for you to establish a trusted baseline from which to plan an improvement programme.

Why arrange a Subscription Health Check?

  • Fixed-cost, and fixed duration for maximum confidence
  • Clear scope and outputs so you know what you’re getting
  • Cut through mixed messages to discover the risk exposure and potential opportunity of your Azure estate
  • Reviewed by a specialist resource with exposure to a wide variety of subscriptions across many industry sectors

Recommendations made by the health check are always vendor agnostic. However, where we offer relevant services we will highlight these.
For example:


Azure Operations Framework

Workshops covering detailed questions required to set up a
complete production datacenter in Azure


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Innovation Labs

A reliable innovation delivery model
with predictable costs


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Why Trustmarque?

Trustmarque has a breadth and depth of experience with public and private sector clients in delivering successfully bespoke applications and transformation programmes. Working with Microsoft for 30 years across a wide range of products and services has helped us to build an experienced and knowledgeable team, with a unique blend of capabilities across all aspects of applications, business insights, and systems management.

Subscription Health Check

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