Trustmarque Managed Cloud Platform
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Securely run business-critical applications in the Cloud

Key Features of Trustmarque’s Managed Cloud Platform:


Managed private and public cloud offerings


Enterprise level compliance and governance

Managed Service

Minimal business disruption

Organisations can use Trustmarque’s Managed Cloud Platform to run business-critical applications in either a managed private or public cloud environment. We are continually evolving the platform’s architecture so that it adheres to the latest industry best practice and security standards, offering comprehensive SLAs right down to the virtual machine level.

Service offering delivered from our Managed Cloud Platform include:

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Why Trustmarque?

Trustmarque is already working with many organisations in the midst of their transition to Cloud technologies. From simple advice and guidance to providing planning services, we are helping organisations realise their move to the Cloud, as well as offering expert guidance on key factors such as security, legislation and data compliance. Our Cloud experts work in partnership with our customers to support them in both understanding where they are on the journey to the cloud and in helping them to reach their desired destination. We have significant experience of delivering cloud solutions to public and private sector organisations across a range of industries. We provide a quality assurance to ensure that our customers specified outcomes are guaranteed.

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