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Simplify your CRM

Many organisations have inherited or have simply built up disparate applications over time, each holding key data that simply cannot be shared. Extracting and analysing the data to create valuable insights is time consuming, inefficient and often a painful exercise that is rife for error.

How Trustmarque can help

With our unified, flexible data platform, you can quickly consolidate all your disparate applications. Available as a SaaS solution or managed service, this high performance, highly scalable software platform lets you store, share and manage relational organisation data. With real-time analytics and data visualisation accessible from any device, staff can work smarter with business data, effectively becoming empowered to manage customer interactions and processes better, develop informed, accurate decisions and retain customers across multiple channels.

With our CRM solutions, you can:

  • Improve system control by consolidating complex applications
  • Enhance system resilience, reliability, capacity and performance
  • Reduce complexity to deliver a manageable service
  • Increase operational agility through flexible application provisioning
  • Lower costs by paying only for compute resources you use by utilising CRM Online (Microsoft SaaS)
  • Integrate auditing capabilities to ensure you never lose essential data
  • Increase staff productivity through more efficient working across teams, geographies and groups

Why Trustmarque?

Our highly skilled CRM consultants work with you to design and build data models to represent and manage your organisation. We aim to consolidate your data and get it working for you – fast.

Read how our CRM platform has helped the Skills Funding Agency Data Collections enhance its funds collections process.

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