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IT strategy that meets organisational needs

New technologies and threats are changing how technology is perceived by organisations; executives are now looking at IT strategies that merge business and technology requirements to meet the demands of today. Trustmarque provides all the tools necessary for organisations to design and deploy their IT strategy effectively.

How Trustmarque can help

Our IT Strategy service delivers a holistic review of an organisation’s IT delivery, and creates an appropriate roadmap for IT transformation such as cloud deployment, or large-scale data centre migrations.

Trustmarque’s IT Strategy service can help organisations:

  • Understand which services are currently cloud ready without modification
  • Highlight what remediation or preparation is required to make services cloud ready
  • Produce a cloud design for each service
  • Create technical roadmaps for each service
  • Detail the benefits cases for each cloud proposition

Why Trustmarque?

Trustmarque has been helping its customers define and deploy their IT Strategy for over 25 years. Our experienced consultants work closely with customers to baseline their unique environment, detailing a roadmap that is designed to be quick and to keep costs to a minimum.

We have deployed IT strategies in a number of environments, including:

  • Regulated Financial services – high street banks
  • Justice agencies, including prisons
  • Large local authorities
  • Multi-national agencies, including the UN
  • Central government departments
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