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Simplify your journey to the cloud

Over time, many organisations find themselves operating a fragmented IT and data architecture, handling disparate applications with an increased reliance on multiple suppliers. At a time when budgets are being squeezed even tighter, it’s time to simplify the situation and enable your business to work more efficiently.


How Trustmarque can help

We help organisations regain control of a fragmented IT and data architecture by deploying cloud integration technologies to orchestrate policy, workflow and data across internal applications, cloud services, and third-parties.

Our reliable cloud integration platforms co-ordinate disparate applications with robust messaging to seamlessly route messages between line of business systems, provide real-time messaging, queues and batch processing capabilities, so you can remain flexible and easily scale as your organisation grows.

With our cloud integration services, you can

  • Lower costs by paying only for compute resources you use
  • Reduce reliance on third party suppliers with documented, supported platforms
  • Easily, rapidly scale integrations to cater for varying data volumes
  • Enable informed business decisions utilising aggregated real-time telemetry
  • Efficiently provision resources by understanding consumption of services you provide
  • Enhance business flexibility using message-based integration to support a service oriented architecture

Why Trustmarque?

Our professional team of IT specialists deliver supporting governance and control processes tailored to your solution. We work with you to deliver a secure, cloud application integration service, ensuring secure integration to your on-premises systems, leveraging either PaaS or IaaS to meet your organisation’s EAI needs. We will also ensure you can share internal web services securely with robust authentication and authorisation.

Take back control of IT.


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