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Power BI transforming the way you view data

Power BI is Microsoft’s data analytics front end tool. It brings together data from a range of sources, whether on a spreadsheet, deep within a myriad of legacy systems, or on an in-house or third party server. Power BI provides a single point in which to visualise the data.

Using Power BI, data can be modelled, analysed, and enriched to produce reports that can be accessed by people in different roles, allowing them to access the data they need to make smarter and better decisions.

Data from many sources is brought together by connectors that pull the information into a dataset. This allows the information to be transformed and filtered down so you can concentrate on what really matters to you.

Once curated, your data can be visualised using Power BI’s flexible charting features in an intuitive and compelling manner. The insights can be shared within your organisation or with your customers.

Watch our Business Intelligence expert, Nat Van Gulck, demonstrate Power BI in action:

Power BI Screenshots

How can Trustmarque help?

To help you understand the value of Power BI and realise the potential that it could unlock within your organisation we offer a proof of concept professional service. This is specifically designed to show you what value Power BI can bring to your data. It is a bespoke service for your organisation as we use segments or parts of your own data to bring it to life.

The proof of concept service involves:


A one day workshop to ensure your data meets the requirements.


Four days development of your bespoke proof-of-concept Power BI Dashboard.


The last day will also include a short presentation of the dashboard and a discussion of any next steps or recommendations.

Download the Power BI Datasheet

Discover how to get started with Power BI.


Data Analytics Readiness Assessment

If Power BI isn’t for you or you are looking to delve into your data further then our Data Analytics Readiness Assessment (DARA) service is alternative option. DARA will provide insights which we will use to help you to create fast and effective ways to improve service, safety, quality and cost.

As a part of DARA we will demonstrate the Microsoft Azure Cortana Analytics Suite and explain how advanced data analytics, such as Machine Learning, can benefit your organisation.

This service is bespoke for your organisation and recommendations will be the most suitable solution for you.

Download the DARA datasheet



DARA for the NHS


Why Trustmarque?

With over 25 years of experience, our skilled team of consultants have already helped our customers to understand and address their data challenges. We have an excellent record of delivering of large, complex IT projects that transform the way organisations operate. Our highly experienced team of experts work with organisations like yours to design and deliver optimum solutions that improve productivity, lower costs and reduce risk.

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