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Get the most from SharePoint Online

Migrating to SharePoint can have significant business benefits for organisations, such as, improving collaboration, productivity among the workforce. However, tailoring SharePoint to specific organisational needs, deploying and maintaining organisation-wide can be a challenge.

How Trustmarque can help

At Trustmarque, we offer a wide range of proven service offerings to enable organisations to get the most out of the platform, including:

  • Adoption and governance assessments – highlighting how to deliver business adoption in a governed manner that meets industry and regulatory requirements
  • Roadmap and planning services –strategy that addresses functional and technical upgrades, as well as new licensing models and cloud delivery
  • Support – from 3rd line advice and guidance through to complete hosting and management of your platform, we are able to provide a wide range of services to reduce the operational costs of maintaining your SharePoint platform.
  • Migrations – assistance with planning and tool selection for migration of content from existing on-premise SharePoint to SharePoint online.
  • Extranets – guidance, good practice, and security and identity planning for sharing with external parties.
  • Business Process mapping – workflows and automation that can take paper-based systems and realise streamlined processes in the cloud.
  • Technical health-checks and trouble-shooting – utilising our wealth of application and development expertise to drive the best performance and reliability.

Trustmarque’s SharePoint Consultancy and Support service helps organisations:

  • Make the right decisions when using SharePoint online
  • Enable governance to avoid the risks of sprawl and ensure policy support
  • Realise the full potential of SharePoint
  • Get the most from the platform at the lowest cost
  • Experience easier collaboration with external users in extranet scenarios
  • Utilise the records and rights management to best effect
  • Reduce the operational costs of maintaining the SharePoint platform
  • Get expert support as and when needed

Why Trustmarque?

Trustmarque has been a strategic SharePoint partner since its release in 2001, working with subsequent releases through to the 2013 and Office 365. During this time we have amassed a wealth of experience of assisting organisations drive adoption and reduce the operating cost of the platform.

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