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Intelligently manage spend and take control of IT assets

With business and technology needs subject to change over time, a crucial element of effective Software Asset Management (SAM) is to ensure that IT strategy adopts a long-term approach.

This can include implementing policies and procedures to support new and existing software assets and extensive licence management control to optimise spend and usage, mitigate software risks, as well as remaining compliant across the business.

How Trustmarque can help

By creating a robust SAM strategy, specifically designed to fit your organisation’s bespoke requirements.

Trustmarque’s SAM services can help your business:

  • Choose the most suitable toolset matched to bespoke requirements
  • Maximise the benefits of licences
  • Ensure that agreements are utilised effectively
  • Manage procurement spend
  • Obtain more clarity over software assets
  • Mitigate the risk of non-compliance
  • Significantly reduce costs
  • Provide a roadmap to design, implement and improve SAM business processes

Why Trustmarque?

Our specialist Software Solutions consultants provide support at all stages of the asset procurement lifecycle to help achieve meaningful cost savings, ensuring you only buy what you need, when you need it.

Through the use of our bespoke professional services, Trustmarque has already helped a large number of public and private sector organisations, including Acas, Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust and Denbighshire County Council, to deliver operational efficiencies, improve software asset control and make an average of 38% of savings on their procurement spend.

It’s time to take control.

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