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Snow License Manager in Azure

Organisations are expected to deliver essential services to their stakeholders around the clock, from different locations, often making software asset management and compliance a challenge.

As a trusted Snow specialist, we are the first Snow partner in the UK to utilise the Microsoft Azure platform. We enable organisations to utilise the benefits of Snow technology and the modern Microsoft-enabled cloud platform to deliver an effective SAM solution.

How Trustmarque can help

Trustmarque works with organisations to provide a leading SAM technology toolset that enables the control of all software assets through a centralised inventory. The toolset places control back with organisations, allowing comprehensive management throughout all stages of the software lifecycle, enabling organisations to lower costs and improve compliance.

Our Snow Cloud Service offers:

  • A highly available and resilient service
  • EU hosted data
  • Full compliance with industry regulations and legislation
  • Regular updates and fixes to protect infrastructures from OS vulnerabilities
  • A fully-managed enterprise-class backup service
  • Microsoft backed SLA for Azure
  • Data isolation across SQL servers to protect customer data
  • Verified software upgrades to maintain optimal performance
  • Scalability based on demand and growth without migrating to another server
  • A single tenancy Snow platform dedicated to a single customer unlike other partner offerings

Why Trustmarque?

Our specialist SAM and Snow Certified professionals are on hand to work with your team to ensure that we deploy the Snow solution to your environment, rapidly. This enables your business to assume greater control of your software assets, faster.

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