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Do more with less

Organisations are under constant pressure to reduce budgets by doing more with less. But with the complexity of software licences impacting a significant portion of your IT budget, reducing costs can prove challenging.

How Trustmarque can help

With a clear and proven methodology, our Commercial Benchmarking service aims to optimise and improve software licensing. We empower you to develop the most cost-effective strategy, helping you to make informed decisions as part of a long-term software licensing strategy.

Our Commercial Benchmarking service can help:

  • Get the most from vendors – Achieve successful procurement negotiations to reduce cost whilst achieving the highest value
  • Prevent unbudgeted spend – Avoid costly and unplanned additions to software licensing strategies
  • Optimise technology investment – Maximise your major technology investments with strategic planning and procurement
  • Improve IT strategy – Ensure that software licensing agreements support the latest productivity tools to facilitate your IT strategy
  • Optimise software renewal – Intelligent and informed decisions around software licensing renewals to save time and money
  • Efficient Mergers and acquisitions – Develop efficient and cost-effective strategies during times of change to avoid licensing complexities

Why Trustmarque?

With customers already achieving annual cost reductions in software licensing and demonstrating a quantifiable Return on Investment (ROI), you can be confident that our Commercial Benchmarking service is an intelligent resource in supporting your business objectives.

By partnering with Trustmarque, you can:

  • Remove complexity – trusted advice and clarity for all software licensing options
  • Mitigate risk – with the ability to make informed decisions
  • Reduce costs – with an average reduction in spend of 38% over three years
  • Improve vendor negotiations – achieve additional concessions and cost reductions

Its time to take control.

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