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Only pay for what you use

Compliance overspend is an everyday problem for many organisations. Some are committing vast resources to adhere to regulations set by third parties, whilst others are overspending on compliance for software that they simply do not use.

Businesses need to optimise software contracts to achieve real cost savings and only pay for what they use without compromising on compliance. However, compliance regulations can be a time-consuming and costly project to undertake.

How Trustmarque can help

Our Compliance Optimisation service uses industry-leading tools to analyse and optimise your current software licensing agreements. This comprehensive review of your licence obligations, entitlements and corresponding compliance needs evaluates your software estate quickly and with minimal cost.

Our Compliance Optimisation can help you to:

  • Fully understand your software estate before undertaking a large project, such as a desktop migration
  • Mitigate risk by ensuring compliance before vendor audits
  • Prevent overspend on unnecessary software
  • Achieve a position of strength in vendor negotiations
  • Review ROI by understanding software consumption
  • Improve operational efficiency by identifying process anomalies

Why Trustmarque?

With over 25 years of experience providing licensing services, our knowledge, understanding and experience of software and compliance management is second to none.

Its time to take control.

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