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Protect data leaks. Stay ahead of threats. Manage with ease

As regulations and corporate standards place increasing demands on IT to ensure safe data handling, deploying necessary protective solutions can seem daunting. Some data loss prevention (DLP) products require substantial effort to deploy and typically have large ongoing consulting costs. These products leave it up to IT to know about all the data that needs to be protected. Can IT be expected to know about all the data in the various departments of an organization and how it needs to be handled? Of course not. It’s impossible for IT to identify all of the sensitive data, interpret the regulations, and translate them into effective policies. When faced with this dilemma, many companies simply fall back to “good enough” solutions that don’t provide basic protection and offer little insight into ongoing data related risks.

Built from the ground up, McAfee DLP from Intel Security quickly and effectively protects your data wherever it may be. We make it easy to get the solution up and running by delivering it as simple components that can start analysing your data in minutes, not months. Why waste precious time and money with frustrating solutions? There’s an easier way to resolve your data protection issues—McAfee® Total Protection™ for Data Loss Prevention (DLP) from Intel Security.

When it comes to DLP, Intel Security breaks new ground. Unlike most other vendors Intel Security offers an integrated and comprehensive DLP solution, featuring encryption, removable media and gateway protection, and centralized monitoring and reporting. Our approach is data-centric in that it delivers data security and actionable insight about data at rest, in motion, and in use across your entire organization. Non-invasive network technology discovers data wherever it resides and in multiple formats. The McAfee® Total Protection™ for Data Loss Prevention solution from Intel Security drives down operating costs through its form factor and sophisticated, built-in data analytics tools that make it easier to identify potential problems and refine policies as needed so you can respond quickly to the changing data, policy, and regulations landscape.

With McAfee® Total Protection™ for Data Loss Prevention:

Reduce data leakage

Remain compliant

Offer greater visibility and control

Integrate with other Intel Security solutions

Get up and running quicker

Simplify policy management

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Trustmarque + Intel Security

For more than 10 years Intel Security and Trustmarque have worked together to deliver market leading security and compliance solutions to our customers.

Our track record in supporting and implementing Intel Security solutions has led us to become a trusted and valued partner, holding the highest-level Intel Security accreditations including:

Our authorised technical Intel Security consultants work with teams to provide and support them with the latest in Intel Security’s anti-intrusion and security intelligence solutions and technical advice, ensuring peace of mind.