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Clinician-designed, agile, low-cost, simple and quick EPR solution to implement

What is PatientSource?

As a clinician-designed Electronic Patient Record, PatientSource really understand its users. Unlike legacy EPR systems which can be clunky, slow, and very unfriendly for front-line staff; PatientSource has been designed to fit the needs of doctors and nurses.

PatientSource is designed to replicate the paper forms and charts doctors and nurses are used to, but with all the power of a computerised system underneath. The drugs chart looks like a card drugs chart, but automatically checks prescription doses / drug-drug interactions / drug-allergy interactions. The observations (vitals) charts look like the paper observations charts, but automatically plot the graphs and automatically calculate the Early Warning Score. And the powerful Clinical Noting system allows doctors and nurses to embed medical sketches into their clinical notes, or even take and annotate photos.

In PatientSource, everything is securely stored, encrypted and backed up. Patient records are searchable and PatientSource is fully functional on tablets (Android, iPad, Microsoft Surface). allowing you to take it up to the bedside.

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Trustmarque and PatientSource working together

Trustmarque’s unique knowledge of the NHS and Microsoft Azure makes our relationship with PatientSource ideal for bringing real change into Healthcare organisations across the UK. We have worked with NHS organisations for almost 30 years and understand the challenges that they face and how IT solutions can be implemented successfully.

If your current EPR is not well suited to a clinical speciality or you are in the early stages of considering a replacement, Patient Source can be deployed at very low cost and on a try before you buy scenario. As a cloud-based platform PatientSource can be deployed on a per user, per month cost model.

Trustmarque’s expertise with Microsoft Azure makes us perfect partners to help deploy, implement, and support PatientSource into any NHS organisation whether it is a signal department, a hospital, Trust, or across a whole CCG.

Trustmarque’s technicians help PatientSource to scale from a pilot to a full-blown roll out. And once PatientSource is embedded Trustmarque provide 24/7 helpdesk capabilities and back up to ensure it is always available.

See how and why PatientSource was implemented at James Paget University Hospital

How Does PatientSource Work?

PatientSource is a secure cloud-based Electronic Patient Record (EPR). It runs on Microsoft’s Azure platform which gives PatientSource state of the art security, computing power and reliability. End-users (doctors and nurses) access PatientSource securely through any modern standards compliant web browser, meaning that the system works in full on any modern device whether it’s a desktop computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone. All stored data and connections are encrypted and uses a higher standard of security than online financial banking. It’s fast to use and has a measured of uptime of better than 99.98% (i.e. less than 9 minutes of downtime per month).

The practicalities of PatientSource’s unique design of EPR are huge:

  • Doctors can complete an entire ward round using just a tablet with a stylus or detachable keyboard
  • Nurses can complete an entire medications round with a single tablet with legible safe prescriptions (instead of rooting out a stack of drugs cards with bad handwriting)
  • Doctors can write prescriptions and book tests and check blood results from the other side of the hospital
  • Nurses can gain an overview of their whole ward to identify sick and deteriorating patients quickly
  • Senior doctors on-call can access the entire patient information remotely from their own home allowing them to give better more informed advice
  • Staff can be alerted the moment a key test result is available
  • Doctors and nurses in clinics never need to go without a patient’s full medical record again

The PatientSource cloud architecture means that all the backups, redundancy and configuration are dealt with for you. PatientSource’s experienced team of developers who can connect your legacy hospital systems securely to your cloud-basedatientSource system. PatientSource are able to interface with legacy Patient Administration Systems and operate alongside them, allowing you to bring PatientSource to your hospital as an enhancement rather than a replacement should you wish.

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