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LogPoint: creating the best SIEM in the world.

By transforming data into actionable intelligence, supporting cybersecurity, compliance, IT operations and business analytics, organisations are protected. Logpoint’s modern SIEM with UEBA provides advanced behavioral analytics and ML-driven automation capabilities.

With a license model based on nodes rather than data volume, LogPoint makes cost 100% predictable and reduces the cost of deploying a SIEM solution, and can be implemented faster than any other SIEM, offering unparalleled time-to-value.

Why LogPoint

Fast detection

Make better-informed decisions fast with industry-leading user and entity behaviour analytics (UEBA). Powered by machine learning, UEBA helps identify abnormal behaviour and insider threats.

Easy to use

The unique user interface is easy to learn, even for novice users, and includes state-of-the-art visualisation tools for fast analytics and rich reporting.


Get up-and-running faster than any other SIEM solution. See results within days from out-of-box integrations and predefined use cases, dashboards, and reports.

Predictable costs

Based on the number of nodes, true predictable pricing gives you a total cost of ownership with no surprises. Get peace-of-mind that prices won’t change due to increasing data loads.

Unmatched certification

Their EAL3+ certification allows customers with the most stringent security requirements to place their trust in them and their reputation for superior security.


LogPoint is built on a customer-first culture. Like Trustmarque, they go the extra mile to solve problems and regularly include customer suggestions and feature requests in our roadmap

Trustmarque and LogPoint

Trustmarque is a LogPoint Gold Partner, aligned to reflect the commitments and expertise Trustmarque have invested in the LogPoint solutions. This enables us to provide expert knowledge and advice across their portfolio. For LogPoint, partnerships are key to ensure the best possible customer engagements. We are able to provide the highest levels of advice and technical expertise for the SIEM market and the LogPoint solutions.

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Logpoint Gold Certified Partner

Affordable and scalable SIEM

LogPoint’s modern Security Incident and Event Management (SIEM) solution provides monitoring, detection, and alerting of security events or incidents within an IT environment. It provides a comprehensive and centralised view of the security posture of an IT infrastructure and enables enterprise security professionals to view activities within their environment.

LogPoint SIEM is scalable and is purchased on a license model based on a number of devices sending log information rather than volumes of data. This ensures full predictability on ongoing costs whilst providing unlimited data volumes.

Scalable from 50 devices to Enterprise installations, the architecture is fully scalable and able to align from SMB or Global multinational organisations. LogPoint also has key vertical offerings aligned to NHS, Local Government, and Universities – providing extremely cost-effective solutions with a set cost aligned to an unlimited license.

SIEM dashboard

The LogPoint SIEM solution is valued for its ease of use and quick Time to Value (TTL) and the ability to provide a fit for purpose agile solution. For LogPoint it’s not just about providing technology, it also ensures our customers get the value out of their investment.

Providing out of the box integrations with over 430 technologies, each with a fully pre-configured dashboard, alerts, and reports ensures ease of use and quick relevance. This means the solutions can be installed, configured, and relevant extremely quickly – with the typical installation utilising the CORE SIEM installation bundle undertaken in FIVE days.

As part of this installation bundle, LogPoint certified engineers work hand in hand with you to ensure full knowledge transfer is undertaken as part of the activity. Leaving you with a working solution your teams completely understand and know how to leverage.

In addition to this, the LogPoint support team will be onboarded as part of the installation. LogPoint support ensures an ongoing expert wrap around the environment, with customers able to log tickets to request assistance and guidance on who to leverage the technology as their environment changes and grows.

Further Solutions

LogPoint UEBA

LogPoint user and entity behaviour analytics (UEBA) helps your security team better respond to threats. UEBA tools analyse the behaviour of users and entities, such as hosts, devices, files and transactions, to find suspicious or malicious behaviours and patterns.

Using machine learning, LogPoint UEBA builds baselines for every entity in the network, without creating predefined rules or signatures. By evaluating actions against baselines, UEBA detects the unknowns and frees up time for security analysts to focus on finding real threats.

Combining UEBA and security information and event management (SIEM) helps your security team effectively monitor and react to unusual activities.

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LogPoint UEBA

LogPoint for SAP

To detect and respond to fraud and cyberattacks, organisations need to monitor the entire network, including IT infrastructure, cloud applications and business-critical SAP systems. SAP is one of the most critical applications in an organisation, and it is often not part of the security monitoring solution. LogPoint for SAP bridges the gap between SAP and SIEM solutions. With LogPoint for SAP, organisations can continuously monitor their SAP data to detect threats and maintain compliance within SAP. It also provides a broad set of SAP extractors that feed SAP data, such as database data, system settings, logs and events from various SAP security sources into SIEM.

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Logpoint for SAP
Logpoint for SAP

LogPoint Case Studies

LogPoint is aiding Strata Service Solutions Ltd. to increase Security and improve Operational efficiency.

“As an IT Director, the thing that helps me sleep at night is knowing that when the users of the three councils come into work in the morning, they have access to the systems they need to support the 300,000 citizens resident within the area. We have 1,800 users across the three authority sites, and we have calculated that for each hour users are unable to access the systems and service their citizens, the cost of lost productivity if circa £30,000. Hence, Strata Service Solutions Ltd. need to be aware 24 hours a day and 7 days a week of any risks to our networks that can impact our users and our citizens,” says Laurence Whitlock, IT Director at Strata.

Lancaster University

LogPoint is helping Lancaster University to achieve central cybersecurity visibility.

“As a learning institution and research university, we need to be open, but at the same time keep security tight. We must support collaboration, making systems publicly available and enable knowledge sharing. At the same time, we must protect valuable data, the individual and the university reputation,” says John Couzins, IT Security Manager at Lancaster University.

Greater Manchester Mental Health NHS selects LogPoint SIEM for Cybersecurity visibility across the organisation.

“The LogPoint SIEM solution Easily integrates with all of our technology stack to address our specific use cases, and it gives us the visibility we need across our enterprise. LogPoint provides predictability of cost through a node-based pricing model and delivers excellent value for money,” says Kevin Orritt, ICT Security Manager at Greater Manchester Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust.

Greater Manchester Mental Health

Watch the Faster detection and response with MITRE ATT&CK presentation

In this webinar, LogPoint will look at how security analysts can use the ATT&CK framework to quickly understand how an alert relates to a significant attack so they can take the necessary steps to protect their business.

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