Introducing Movere

Movere is a discovery and assessment software-as-a-service solution. It analyses your whole IT estate, whether on-premise or in the cloud, to provide the data and insights needed to plan, optimise and monitor your cloud migrations and effectively manage your IT environment. The Movere tool automates the collection, encryption, transmission, integration and presentation of your IT data so you can see exactly what you have to make informed and smarter decisions.

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Why Movere & Trustmarque

Movere analyses your entire on-premise and cloud IT estate to identify what is and isn’t being used, old versions of software and more, regardless of platform, application or location.

Deploying Movere:

  • Reveals what is being used, when, and by whom
  • Uncovers unused licenses, over and under provisioned resources
  • Helps you buy the appropriate size cloud the first time, by providing reliable pricing for transitioning to the cloud based on your Actual Resource Consumption
  • Allows you to dig into the data down to the process level, specific instance, or to user level at the click of a button
  • Identifies non-compliance and GDPR issues that may lead to security breaches
  • Presents a single, interactive dashboard accessible by multiple users across all locations

A typical Trustmarque/Movere engagement

As a Movere Platinum Partner, we are ideally placed to successfully run cloud readiness, risk assessments and optimisation projects across your on-premise and cloud environments. We start with a workshop to gain a clear understanding of your current projects, challenges, hardware and software refresh cycles and other associated areas. Then we download the Movere software to a Windows server on your existing infrastructure to discover all your physical, virtual and cloud-based servers.

Once the systems have been identified, the software performs non-intrusive scans of the servers to gather performance metrics and other valuable information. This data is encrypted and uploaded to the Movere cloud where it can be analysed and the reports created.

Movere Platinum Partner

After two weeks of data collection, we will analyse this data and present the findings in bespoke reports to suit your organisation’s requirements. The findings from the workshop will be merged with the Movere analytics to provide a detailed report, including costs and recommendations on security and cloud adoption. Our reports present clear and concise costs, showing options for upgrading systems on-premise against moving the systems to the cloud. These will consist of hardware costs, licensing costs and savings that could be made from longer commit periods.

Where cloud migration or other improvements are identified, Trustmarque will provide costs for remediation and migration.

In some instances, funding is available from Microsoft to cover the Movere licensing and Trustmarque consultancy costs.

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Movere features


Quickly understand what infrastructure and applications you have, where it is, how it’s being used, by whom and when.

Cloud migration

Cloud readiness

Plan your migration journey wisely based on actual resource and consumption use, not just on your current on-premise footprint.

A cloud deployment can only be a cost-effective solution if you size and leverage your cloud environment efficiently.

Utilise existing data and databases

Optimisation & transformation

Movere’s ARC tool provides detailed consumption and use data enabling you to optimise and transform environments for maximum efficiency.

Running regularly scheduled scans with Movere presents the data-driven insights needed to run the most effective IT on-premise and cloud environments as possible.

Movere does more than just present the data, it provides you with the ability to know precisely where to make adjustments, so you can modernise, optimise and transform your IT estate.

Cyber security

Identify security gaps and risks with the insight, traceability and trackability of how your environment is being used, by whom and when – regardless of platform, application or geography.

Movere identifies the abnormalities, deviations and gaps, telling you exactly where to make changes to reduce cyber security risks.

87% of customers have found cyber security risks in their environment with the help of Movere.

How we’ve helped our customers

  • We’ve used Movere to identify which systems are appropriate to move to the cloud, as well as selecting the correct size of server to be deployed and the storage needed. This efficiency of cloud instance to be deployed ensures costs are minimised. When identifying which systems are good candidates to migrate to the cloud, we also look the associated dependencies with other systems to ensure that clear costs and a migration approach is defined.
  • We found that where server and SQL database utilisation is low, there is an opportunity for considerable savings by consolidating multiple, low-usage systems onto fewer servers, resulting in license cost savings and a more efficient IT environment. The analysis and reports will identify ideal candidates for consolidation.
  • By assessing Active Directory and Office 365 accounts, we were able to identify which accounts were not required to change their password, which accounts had not been logged into for a considerable amount of time and which accounts were shared by different users. These security risks could immediately  be addressed.

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