When you make a phone call in your personal life, chances are you probably don’t think much about the process. You just pick up and dial and hope whoever you’re contacting picks up.

In your professional life, however, things might be a bit more complex. Of course, there’s the traditional option of picking up your desk phone and dialling the number. But there’s also the option of video conferencing or making a call through your computer with the likes of Skype for Business.

Whilst communications systems such as Skype for Business (or, in technical terms, Voice over Internet Protocol, or VoIP for short) have many benefits, using the internet to make phone calls can be challenging – not least because unreliable internet connections can impact on things like sound quality.

Now, there’s a new option – PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) Calling through Skype for Business. With PSTN Calling through Skype for Business, users can now access all the benefits of PSTN calling – caller ID, excellent line quality, and the other features of traditional telephone calls – with all the mobility, flexibility, and cost savings of VoIP calls.

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On-Premise PSTN Calling for Skype for Business has been available for a while, but in many cases purchasing, configuring, and supporting the infrastructure required to accommodate this negated the cost savings that are traditionally associated with VoIP calling. With PSTN Calling in the Cloud, however, that is no longer the case.

Of course, migrating your internal infrastructure over to a truly global, cloud-based PSTN calling system is not without its challenges, but it seems that the future is calling and the future is PSTN calling in the Cloud.

With PSTN Calling through Skype for Business, users are provided with their own PSTN number, which can both dial and be dialled from any ordinary phone. Moreover, Microsoft has partnered with a range of global telecom partners, including BT Global Services and Orange Business Services, in order to provide users with high-quality and secure connectivity.

Until recently, PSTN Calling has only been available in the US. From July, however, Microsoft will be rolling out the service in the UK. Whilst pricing is not yet available, it price plans are expected to be similar to those in the US ($12 per user, per month for domestic calls).

Although Microsoft’s hosted PSTN Calling is still new and relatively unchartered, it is clear that it is where the market is going. Indeed, the worldwide value of PSTN Calling is estimated at around $35bn. Whilst many users will not be ready to make the move yet, it is certainly an opportunity that should borne in mind.

If you would like to know more about PSTN Calling, and whether your organisation is ready to make the move, please speak to one of our expects today by contacting info@trustmarque.com.

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