Azure Migration Programme:
Supporting your move to Azure

As a part of the Azure Migration Programme (AMP) for Windows and SQL server, Trustmarque can support all our customers to move to Azure. We can go further than ever before and assist you with funding, expertise and training, all in conjunction with Microsoft.

The Azure Migration Programme

AMP gives our customers access to our Azure experts who will provide you with guidance and advice on industry best-practice. You will also have direct access to Microsoft Subject Matter Experts and Microsoft Azure Assessment tools. Training programmes are also available where professional accreditations can be attained.

AMP is designed to be flexible and cost-effective to meet your needs and budget, it provides:

  • Funded Azure migration and assessment tools, as well as funded migration services
  • Landing Zones designed and built according to best practices
  • A proven and tested methodology
  • Opportunities for employees to attend Azure technical courses and gain new skills
  • Access in-depth assistance with FastTrack for Azure engineering.
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AMP for Windows Server and SQL Server

The Azure Migration Programme is designed to give customers access to the expertise of Microsoft and their top partners. This means that you will be supported with your move to Azure and it makes it simpler and more cost-effective. Using this route means you don’t need to make any substantial investment without fully understanding all the requirements needed for a successful migration. Optional ongoing support is also available to ensure your environments are always efficient and running at their peak.

The three core stages to AMP:

The assessment

This preliminary assessment is fully funded by Microsoft and uses a set of unintrusive tools to analyze your existing Windows Server and/or SQL Server environments. The outputs of the assessment provide you with a clear picture of what is involved in the migration process, as well as the future running costs of your workloads in Azure once they have been migrated. This means you know upfront what you’ll be paying before you’ve even used Azure.

Your landing zones

An Azure landing zone is your future Azure virtual datacentre and is where we will create your new Windows Server and SQL Server environments. The landing zone includes a ‘hub’ virtual network that incorporates security features including firewalls and jump boxes, where all traffic traverses through to protect workloads contained inside the individual ‘spokes’ of the landing zone. Microsoft funding is available to set up all or part of this in Azure.

Begin your Azure migration

Once your landing zone is built, tested, certified, and approved the migration from your on-premises Windows and/or SQL Servers will begin. This is a carefully planned and managed automated process to ensure your data is handled with the greatest of care. Once fully tested and signed off, we will make the switch to live, at which point you can decommission or repurpose your on-premises servers.

Start your AMP journey with Trustmarque

Do more with AMP and Trustmarque

Before the assessment stage starts, we’ll run an exploration session with you to make sure you are fully aware of what AMP is, what is involved and your commitment. This will help us to evaluate your requirements and ensure you will get the most from the Azure Migration Programme.

As standard, Microsoft will provide you with an Azure SME for the duration of the project who will support you and work with us. On top of this, your employees will be eligible for Azure technical courses (funded by Microsoft), which will not only mean they are ready and competent to start using Azure but they will also be fully certified after passing the course exams.

Next steps

If you’re thinking about migrating your Windows or SQL Servers to Azure, you can start to explore your AMP options today by contacting your Trustmarque Account Manager or completing the form below.

Start your AMP journey with Trustmarque

The AMP programme has been put together to make the process of migration to Cloud Services as simple as possible for our customers. A package of training, expertise, and consultancy that removes the barriers confronting organisations making their first move to the cloud.

Neel Dev, Cloud Practice Director, Trustmarque

Case Study:

Trustmarque and Microsoft Partnership enables healthcare trust to achieve secure and agile migration of SQL databases to Azure

Trustmarque and Microsoft collaborated to design and develop an appropriate Azure environment for a large Healthcare Trust to migrate priority SQL databases approaching end of support. Drawing on Trustmarque’s deep knowledge of the healthcare sector and expertise in Microsoft Azure datacentre deployment, we ensured that best practice was followed in line with the latest NHS Digital blueprints for cloud-based design, security, and implementation.

“The way that Trustmarque worked with three different stakeholders to help the customer has been highly unique.”

IM&T Enterprise Infrastructure Architect

Read the full case study

Why migrate to Azure?

Microsoft Azure is one of the leading cloud platforms in the market and is ideal for upgrading your existing on-premises Microsoft products and services to the cloud. Windows Servers and SQL Servers can be complex to migrate. This can be especially so if they have had  features and capabilities bolted on and various updates over the years, making the risk of disruption and breakages a real likelihood. Dependencies on other systems can also build up over time. Using AMP can alleviate these issues and can also open new opportunities to modernise your IT environments.

Why choose Trustmarque for Microsoft Azure Services?

With a 30-year strong relationship with Microsoft, including a wide range of gold accreditations. Our expert team of cloud architects and Azure specialists remove complexity and uncertainty to simplify your Microsoft Azure adoption. As such, we are perfectly placed to help you successfully migrate to Azure and ensure you are fully optimised to see a return from your investment.

To complement our long-standing Gold Cloud Platform Competency, Microsoft has awarded us the Windows Server and SQL Server Migration to Microsoft Azure Advanced Specialisation. This officially recognises our expertise in migrating and optimising customers’ Windows Server and SQL Server-based workloads to Microsoft Azure.

Start your AMP journey with Trustmarque

Apply for your assessment today and we will run an exploration session to understand your environment and objectives, so you are fully ready for the assessment.