Rationalising licensing and controlling cloud spend

Business Drivers

The Berne Union had a series of legacy licencing agreements with Microsoft, which were both costly and complex. Explains Ian Gordon-Brown, IT Manager at The Berne Union: “Our existing licencing agreements had been in place for some time, as part of our recent application streamlining, we were looking for a way to both rationalise and manage these legacy agreements, ascertaining a clearer picture of licencing consumption across the business.”

The Solution

Working with Trustmarque to build a strategy to rationalise these legacy licencing agreements, Trustmarque proposed a migration to the Microsoft CSP licencing model, whilst leveraging the Cloud Enterprise Services Portal, (C-ESP) a dedicated customer portal enabling the management and procuring of Microsoft cloud products and services, all in one location.

This online portal, designed, built and maintained by Trustmarque, enables The Berne Union to rationalise and consolidate its licencing spend. With its pay as you go model, Microsoft CSP negates the need for multi-year contracts and daunting up front fees, so all cloud costs are controlled. It also enables the team to view and track cloud spend instantly from its comprehensive online dashboard, as well as identify unallocated licenses to reduce compliance risks.

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With Trustmarque’s Cloud Enterprise Services Portal, (C-ESP), The Berne Union is now able to realise several benefits:

  • Reduced operating costs and better risk management
  • Instant visibility of cloud and cloud licence consumption
  • Simplified monitoring and management of license usage, reducing compliance risks
  • 7x24x365 C-ESP portal service support

About Berne Union

The Berne Union is an international not-for-profit trade association, representing the global export credit and investment insurance industry. Based in London, this leading global association accounts for 83 members including government-backed export credit agencies, private credit and political risk insurers, as well as multilateral institutions from across the globe, who all offer insurance products, guarantees and direct financing in the support of crossborder trade to provide a vital link in the flow of goods, services and investment capital worldwide.

Why Trustmarque?

Concludes Ian: “Using Trustmarque’s Cloud-ESP portal, we now have greater clarity on the licence model the business actually needs. We also have full insight into cloud licence spend, so we can track usage and monitor our peak spend periods. This has been invaluable for maintaining control of IT costs. The Trustmarque team has been easy to work with and we are delighted with benefits of this flexible solution.”

Looking to manage your licensing spend?

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