Trustmarque saves The Kennel Club £70k on licensing renewals

Business Drivers

Licensing renewals don’t have to be complex

When Alex Meek joined The Kennel Club as Head of IT, the IT department was in a period of transition. Upon joining the organisation, Alex began implementing a clearly defined IT strategy, with the aim to modernise, increase efficiency, and support further business growth.

In addition to this, Alex quickly noticed that the organisation was fast approaching the end of a three year Microsoft licensing agreement. This posed a compliance risk for the organisation, which Alex was keen to avoid in order to maintain The Kennel Club’s high standards and positive reputation.

Since a like-for-like renewal of the Microsoft licenses was quoted at a cost of £90k, Alex decided that that it was time for the organisation to review all of its existing licenses in order to ensure compliance across the board, and to save money where possible.

Due to the scale of the project, the complex nature of software licensing, the bespoke IT systems within the organisation, and the tight deadlines involved, The Kennel Club required specialist support to complete the renewal process.

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Key Benefits

  • Cost-effective solution to meet licensing needs
  • The Kennel Club saved £70k on renewals
  • Easy to manage agreement for the use of Azure cloud infrastructure
  • Immediate use of Microsoft cloud technologies

The Services

The Kennel Club was looking for experienced guidance, and opted for Trustmarque’s Commercial Benchmarking Service.
This service modelled all of the different combinations of licensing mechanisms available to the organisation, allowing The
Kennel Club to choose a bespoke and cost-effective solution that met its unique licensing needs.

Outcomes and Benefits

Practically, Trustmarque delivered a number of solutions to The Kennel Club. These included:

  • Providing a single, easy to manage agreement for the use of the Azure cloud infrastructure to avoid any future credit card
  • Ensuring that Microsoft cloud technologies, such as hosted email, could be utilised immediately
  • Ensuring that the investment in perpetual licensing would not be discarded by retaining the rights to use these licenses

Ultimately, by seeking help from Trustmarque, The Kennel Club saved £70k on renewals. This represented a significant cost
saving to the business, and allowed The Kennel Club to continue offering an excellent service to its loyal customers.

About The Kennel Club

The Kennel Club is a not-for-profit organisation, and is the largest organisation in the UK devoted to dog health, welfare, and training. It also runs Petlog, the UK’s largest lost and found database for microchipped pets.

With over 200 staff, two offices in London and Aylesbury, and dedicated customers across the country, The Kennel Club is an important organisation within the pet-owning community.

“Trustmarque provided a professional approach with integrity and I had confidence in the information I received from their team. [Trustmarque] delivered results beyond my original expectations… The project was a great success from our point of view. Trustmarque put our interests first, and were totally focused on getting us the right result, even if it meant less revenue
for them.””

Alex Meek, Head of IT, The Kennel Club

Why Trustmarque?

Having worked with Trustmarque in his previous organisation, Alex Meek was already familiar with Trustmarque, and their highly-regarded Software Asset Management (SAM) consultants.

Because of the specific and bespoke nature of the software used by The Kennel Club, Alex called upon Trustmarque’s expertise to meet the company’s requirements. Knowing that the Trustmarque SAM team possessed a wide range of skills – including specialisation in licensing – he called upon the team for support in finding a licensing solution that would meet The Kennel Club’s needs.

Looking to save on licensing?

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