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Trustmarque continues UK Cisco Environmental Sustainability Specialisation

17 July 2023 Time to read:  minutes

Trustmarque renews commitment to join Cisco in driving positive environmental changes and creating an inclusive future for all in UK.

Trustmarque has achieved the Environmental Sustainability Specialisation through the Cisco Partner Program for the second year running. Launched in 2022, Cisco rewards partners that build a practice around product takeback and the ‘circular economy’, ensuring less kit ends up in landfill. As a member of the scheme, Trustmarque is committed to sustainably providing Cisco’s reliable networking solutions to power business and community growth across the UK. Trustmarque has also signed the Cisco Sustainability Pledge, which supports a commitment made by Cisco CEO Chuck Robbins to have a 100 percent product return on end-of-use hardware.

Commenting on the renewal of the Environmental Sustainability Specialisation, Rick Ure, Enterprise Connectivity Practice Director at Trustmarque added:

“It gives us great pleasure to retain our Cisco Environmental Specialisation status for another year, showing our commitment to re-use, recycle and refurbish. Like most organisations, we still have work to do, but we are making some positive steps in doing this and helping our customers to drive sustainable solutions and delivering the value of sustainability into their business.”

Earning the Environmental Sustainability Specialisation requires hours of training and completion of two exams. Sustainability-certified partners must agree on at least one takeback deal a year and 80% of the used networking hardware must be returned within the year. Additionally, Cisco will plant a tree for every new individual that a partner organisation trains on sustainability.

With more than 500 employees across the UK, Trustmarque is mindful of the responsibility to minimise our carbon footprint. Announced on 30 June 2023, through our Cisco Environmental Sustainability Specialisation, we are taking steps towards reducing the amount of Cisco products left to rot in landfill, instead reusing and recycling them.

About our sustainability targets

Our strategy is aligned to the United Nation’s sustainable development goals and has four key areas of focus: inclusive workplace, community skills and development, digital inclusion, and reducing our environmental impact.

From smart cities and transport, healthcare and manufacturing, to cyber-security and digital skills, their solutions are at the heart of an inclusive digital future. By offering eco-friendly solutions with their technology, Cisco can help its partners and customers identify purposeful advantages in creating and meeting sustainability goals.

Written by Julia Bluckert

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