Cloud Expo Europe recently wrapped up for another year in London. As one of the biggest events in Europe, with 11 different conference streams throughout the event dedicated to all things cloud, there was no shortage of different opinions and viewpoints emerging from the show. With over 300 speakers and 1000s of attendees, one thing the event shows is that the interest in cloud won’t be diminishing anytime soon. Cloud remains at the top of the business agenda, underpinning as it does many other trends such as mobility, analytics and collaboration.

One of the most hotly anticipated speakers at the event was Dawn Leaf, CIO at the US Department of Labor (DoL). She delivered a keynote speech on the differences between the expectations and experiences of her department’s implementation of cloud. According to Leaf, the cost to migrate the DoL email services to the Cloud was the same as that involved in running the existing legacy service they had in place. But, importantly, the increased archive space meant workers no longer had to allocate time to clearing their inboxes. When you consider that the DoL has 19,000 staff and each was estimated to take two hours per month making space for new emails, that’s a lot of time saved.

This is great and really simple example of how small shifts to the Cloud can make really big differences. What’s interesting here is that the Cloud option itself wasn’t cheaper to purchase, but the considerable man-hours saved by moving just a single IT service to the Cloud has easily repaid the initial investment. For many companies, this staggered approach to cloud can facilitate a migration roadmap at a speed that the rest of the business is comfortable with. When businesses see the benefits from these big differences as a result of small shifts, it also helps to justify cloud as an option for future IT projects.

At Trustmarque, we work with a huge range of public and private sector organisations, as such, we get to hear a lot of views on cloud from IT departments nationwide. For some organisations, cloud already seems ubiquitous and familiar; for others, it is still new and to be explored. Wherever you are on your cloud journey, Trustmarque has the knowledge and the tools to help. You can get in touch here.